GoodWorker launches India’s first-ever digital walk-in interview platform for hiring of blue and grey collar workers

Amit Jain CEO-Pic_Media

Bengaluru, December 2022: GoodWorker, a digital platform that aims to transform the lives of millions of workers, today announced the launch of first-of-its-kind digital interaction platform named OWVI (Online Walk-in and Video Interactions) for hiring of blue and grey collar workers. Built-in on its app, the platform connects both the interviewer and the interviewee through a virtual walk-in, face-to-face call, in a time efficient manner eliminating physical and digital barriers like travel requirement and inexperience with video conferencing tools.

OWVI’s functional process begins with an employer creating a job listing on the GoodWorker app that also has a video hiring event with date and time for the interview. Following this, GoodWorker gets into action where it identifies a pool of right-fit candidates by reaching out to them on real time basis through both the app notifications and in person calls. Once the candidate chooses to participate in the interview event, by clicking on the option in the app, they are kept informed through regular communication about the interview day and time.

On the scheduled day and time, the interviewer starts interview process by logging in through their GoodWorker employer app and the candidates start getting connected into the call one-by-one in an orderly manner through OWVI interface. While in conversation with an interviewee, the employer also has a complete visibility of the candidate profile on screen enabling them with complete candidature information. In case, during the call if the interviewee faces connectivity problems or there be any other hinderance, the employer has the option to push the candidate to the back of the line giving him time and space to realign. This remedial measure ensures the candidate does not lose out on an interview opportunity.

Once the call is done, employer can either shortlist or reject the interviewee on real time basis and move on to the next candidate seamlessly. The candidate is updated on their status in real time, making the entire process both transparent and time efficient. For the entire duration of the interview process, the employer stays connected on the single login while the candidates get moved in-and-out of the session, making OWVI an online format of an offline experience.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Amit Jain, CEO, GoodWorker said, ‘”We’re building a full stack digital career building platform that helps workers improve employability, find jobs and in the process makes workers owners of rich digital identities which they use to access quality of life services. OWVI is a big step in that direction as it digitizes crucial steps in the hiring journey that have hitherto remained fragmented and broken.”

Mayank Mohan, Senior Director and Business Head said, “For the first time, OWVI will stitch together the pieces of job applications and interviews in a seamless, online way! This will save time and effort for employers- enabling more and better interviews and save effort for applicants as well. The platform demonstrates GoodWorker’s commitment to bring first to market solutions that will change the hiring ecosystem works.”

Teeshant Dhiman, Associate Director – Product, GoodWorker said, “OWVI will transform the blue-collar worker job space by democratizing its hiring process. Our app-based convergence of job availability and talent supply is an industry game changer as it enables convenience without the trouble of technology barrier. OWVI enables a seamless chain of job listing, to interviews and immediate status update helping employers to choose the right-fit talent faster and helping the job seeker get clarity on next steps without delay.”

OWVI is an industry-first platform created by GoodWorker, over time the company intends to evolve the platform into a one-stop talent-help service with elements like career counselling, mock interviews with mentors, assessment, group discussion sessions, and employer branding session among others. The expressed vision of GoodWorker is to help improve the lives of India’s blue-collar and grey-collar employees by offering access to career advancement possibilities and other quality of life services.

Using the newly launched OWVI feature, Ambar Gupta HR Head from Square Ring Enterprises had this to say “The new Online interview platform is fantabulous, and it saves the time of a recruiter like me and also the candidate’s time and money. Hassle-free hiring is what this brings in and it is highly recommended.”

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