Ezeepay Launching its Ezee Khata, Ezee Care & Ezee Pan Kindly consider it for your eminent Publication


In the presence of Honourable Vice President of NSDL AnkushDeshpande

The leading fintech company in India, Ezeepay, has introduced a vital financial solution for rural India. They have developed three new ideas. First, they have established a partnership with NSDL- protean. Then an instant pan card is created within two hours, and an E-pan card that will be delivered by email.

They further have an agreement between Ezee Khata and Decentro for Neo Bank Savings Digital Accounts, whereby customers can open accounts through their site agents and receive their account numbers and any other relevant information. Account holders can also use Ezeepay khata UPI. Wherever online purchases are made, wallet khata wallet amount transactions are possible.

Customers can withdraw money from the bank and do online transactions using the Rupay card feature that is included with the Wallet card. In collaboration with Zooper, Ezeepay has also introduced a new insurance programme. Not only will Ezeepay consumers benefit from the various insurance segments, but Ezeepay agents will also be able to live safer lives thanks to them. Basic insurance costs from Rs 25 – Rs 599.

Rural India is seeing a significant increase in smartphone ownership and data consumption. This significant change in behaviour can only be promising for smartphone use-cases involving digital payments. All these elements portend well and aid in the introduction of digital payments in rural India, where cellphones have altered how people connect and utilise technology to send and receive money.

“The E-wallet offers transactions made online through a smart device and is similar to a credit or debit card. It only needs to be linked with the individual’s bank account to make payments. Since it is a type of password-protected pre-paid account in which a user can store their money for any future online transaction such as groceries, online purchases, and flight tickets, among others”, says Shams Tabrej, Founder of EzeePay.

“While storing personal data, the software component protects and encrypts the data. Hence, any Ezeepay user residing in a village or city can access it with sheer ease”, adds Rashid Ali, Managing Director of Ezeepay.

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