Dream of FIFA World Cup: Google Trends Show 659% Hike Worldwide

Worldwide, December 2022: The FIFA World Cup 2022 has been full of surprises and controversies alike. Besides, the finals are around the corner. However, many fans couldn’t digest the exit of teams like Portugal and Brazil.
Cristiano Ronaldo openly acknowledged that his dream of winning the FIFA World Cup was over after the team’s elimination in Qatar. But some are rejoicing as Argentina reaches the WC final for the sixth time, and Lionel Messi becomes the leading goal scorer.


Due to these constant happenings, people may be dreaming of it. And the data derived from Google Trends validates it as there is a hike of 659% for the query “dream of FIFA World Cup,” and there have been 1600 searches in the past month. Not just this, but there has been a hike in other scenarios surrounding football dreams.


FIFA World Cup Fever – What Google Trends Indicate

The Google Search Data analysis undertaken by ThePleasantDream uncovered the searches for various dreams surrounding football that exploded in 2022. The team gathered the insights through Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends, Glimpse, and Keywords Everywhere.

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Which are the keywords that are trending in Google Search?

The team gathered insights on December 15, 2022, & compared the search queries for November 2021 and 2022 worldwide. The first on the list is “dream of football,” which had a 2400 search volume in November 2021, which has now gone to 2900 in November 2022, witnessing a hike of 20%.

Next is the most searched query, “spiritual meaning of playing football in the dream,” which has a yearly surge of 22%, with search volume escalating from 590 to 720.

“Dream of playing football” also observed an upward trend, with search volume going from 320 to 390, with a hike of 22%. Another spiritual dream interpretation doing the rounds is the “spiritual meaning of playing soccer in the dream.” This particular query has witnessed an 85% yearly hike, with monthly searches jumping from 260 to 480.
Amid this, a query that witnessed a dip of 17% is “playing football in dream.” The query now stands at 320 in November 2022, wherein in 2021, it was 390. Last but not least, the search query “dream of watching football on tv” is trending, but it has not witnessed any considerable growth, yet people continue to search for them.

Apart from this, the most searched query for “dream of football” came from regions of Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

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Experts Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, says, “we tend to dream about things that are happening around us. This FIFA World Cup created quite a stir from day one of initiation, which happened to be overwhelming for various football fans. Besides, the exit of their favorite teams also did not go well with the fans. That could be the reason for seeing football dreams.”

She further adds, “Apart from this, football happens to be a competitive sport, and if you are competitive in nature, then there are chances of you seeing this dream.”

The study was conducted by ThePleasantDream, one of the leading websites on dream interpretation. The team undertook the evaluation to monitor what people dream about during the “football season.”

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