Dads Make Us Comfortable, Now Let’s Make Dads Comfortable, Says DaMENSCH

Dads Make Us Comfortable, Now Let’s Make Dads Comfortable, Says DaMENSCH

A father has always been our biggest role model and a pillar of our lives. Inspired from a father’s role to support their children through the worst and the best phases of life, India’s premium menswear brand, DaMENSCH, today introduced its latest Father’s Day campaign, #MakeDadComfortable. The campaign narrates stories of sons and daughters reliving the memories of their fathers when they made them feel comfortable in challenging scenarios of their journey.

Through the campaign video, DaMENSCH highlights personal life stories of millennials from different walks of life, talking about their connection with their fathers and the comfort in having uncomfortable conversations with them. The video features a son who comes out as pan sexual to his dad and is welcomed with open arms – knowing there is support and love is all he needs to be comfortable. Another story features a daughter who studied to be a doctor much to her dad’s joy, but decides to make modelling her career without telling her conservative family. Everyone finds out when an ad comes out and lashes out, except her dad who surprisingly comes to her rescue and supports her choice. There are also other heartwarming anecdotes of when fathers went out of their way, to make their children feel comfortable. The campaign #MakeDadComfortable shows a liberal side of fathers who have always accepted and supported their children through all their hardships, and all through the lives too.

Commenting on the new campaign, Deepti Karthik, Senior Vice President, DaMENSCH said, “The most important man in my life is my dad whose dreams for me were bigger than what I expected of myself, he was there by my side whether it came to a career choice or my choice in life partner. This campaign is dedicated to all the dads like mine who have been the go-to person for advice, confrontation, confession, support, and unconditional love. As a brand for millenials and Gen Z, we want to represent Real Dads that our TG relates to – he is the fun dad, the zen dad, the social dad. We want to showcase the modern man and his relationship with his dad which is probably now best articulated as ‘BroDad’”.

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