Climate Asia and Women at Work bring a panel discussion on Green Jobs for Women ahead of Women’s Day

Delhi: The urgent need to address climate change has become increasingly apparent in recent years, and creating green jobs has emerged as a key strategy to combat this global crisis. Women, disproportionately affected by climate change’s impact, can play a critical role in this transition to a more sustainable future. To that end, Climate Asia is pleased to announce a discussion on Green Jobs for Women: A Path to Climate Solutions.

This virtual panel discussion will occur on March 6, 2023, at 5:00-6:00 PM IST and is open to the public. It will bring together a diverse group of eminent experts from non-profit organizations whose work intersects climate action and sustainable livelihood. The objective of the conversation would be to spur action and advance efforts towards a sustainable future in which women participate equally in the transition towards a green economy. The event will also feature an interactive Q&A session with the audience about a green economy.

The speakers for the event are Reema ben Nanavaty, Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), Huda Jaffer, SELCO Foundation and Prerna Seth, JustJobs Network. This will be moderated by Aiswarya Ananthapadmanabhan, AVP for Arthan’s Women at Work Initiative.

The discussion would converge critical perspectives from the organizational and individual experiences on promoting and creating green jobs for women, challenges in accessing and enabling locally relevant and sustainable green job opportunities, including skill development, women’s entrepreneurship and much more.

This event is part of Climate Asia’s ongoing efforts to promote more robust ties to foster a more substantial human capital base capable of assisting communities in adapting to a changing climate. It is also an opportunity for the audience interested in this space to increase their understanding of jobs in the ecosystem, hear from women leaders steering various initiatives and gain insights that may inform and inspire them to become part of the solution.

For more information and to register for this event, please visit We look forward to seeing you there!

Climate Asia ( is dedicated to strengthening the climate ecosystem in Asia through the capacity building of organizations focusing on human capital, organizational development, and thought leadership. We will accomplish this by building a movement to inspire people to work in the climate, a platform to find climate opportunities: jobs, funding, events, and news.

The Women at Work initiative aims to bring more women leaders to the impact sector while making the organizations they are part of more inclusive. The Women at Work Initiative will work to make the development sector conducive for women to join, grow and lead the workforce by building capacities of organizations to accelerate DEI practices, facilitate learning and growth opportunities for women jobseekers and leaders, and provide knowledge, networking, and collaboration avenues.

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