Cashfree Payments partners with PharmEasy to facilitate convenient payment settlements to its retail partners

Reeju Datta, Co-Founder, Cashfree Payments

Reeju Datta, Co-Founder, Cashfree Payments

Bengaluru, August 18, 2022: Cashfree Payments, India’s leading payments and API banking solutions company, has partnered with PharmEasy, one of India’s leading digital healthcare platforms, to facilitate quick and convenient payment settlements to its retail partners. This partnership will leverage Cashfree Payments’ Payouts solution to automate transactions for the retail network.

Cashfree Payments’ Payouts solution allows merchants to instantly pay vendors, process customer refunds, disburse loans, among other transactions. The solution is highly reliable, delivering a 99.98% payouts success rate.

PharmEasy, in its capacity of a marketplace/intermediary, facilitates and enables (a) the sale of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services across various categories through its third-party retail partners which are spread across the country; and (b) the payments for the sale and purchase transactions which are undertaken between consumers and retail partners. A customer can place an order on PharmEasy’s website or mobile app and can either pay online or opt for COD (cash on delivery). Once the payment is made by the customer, PharmEasy then compiles all the payments to be made to the retailer partners and disburses them on a daily basis.

With Cashfree Payments’ ‘Payouts’ API integration, PharmEasy will now be able to automate this process and facilitate settlement to retail partners within 48 hours of payments received from customers, without any manual intervention. This process has reduced human intervention significantly, in turn saving payment settlement time.

Through this partnership, Cashfree Payments has also helped PharmEasy in tracking and processing bounced/failed payouts transactions. With Cashfree Payments’ ‘Payouts’, PharmEasy has automated this process and is now able to reconcile bounced/failed transactions within 24 hours and take action, leading to accurate payouts in time and an enhanced partner satisfaction.

Reeju Datta, Co-Founder, Cashfree Payments said, ““We are delighted to partner with PharmEasy and extend our Payouts solution. Payouts helps PharmEasy to automate their payment settlements to the retailers and vendor payouts reconciliation, thus creating a superior transaction experience for the company’s partners. We look forward to helping the company automate the entire payments process and contributing to its bid to make quality healthcare accessible to the masses.”

Spokesperson from PharmEasy said, “The partnership with Cashfree Payments is a crucial one, in our bid to use technology to enhance the reach of quality healthcare. Our processes have now been greatly automated, thus improving customer experience as well as reducing the time utilized in payment reconciliation and settlements. This has also boosted the productivity of our team, as the time saved is used in other significant tasks. We aim to automate the entire payments process in the time to come and the association with Cashfree Payments will play a major role in the same.”

With over 50% market share among payment processors, Cashfree Payments today leads the way in bulk disbursals in India with its product Payouts. Recently, India’s largest lender, SBI invested in Cashfree Payments underscoring the company’s role in building a robust payments ecosystem. Cashfree Payments works closely with all leading banks to build the core payments and banking infrastructure that powers the company’s products and is also integrated with major platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Paytm and Google Pay. Apart from India, Cashfree Payments products are used in eight other countries including the USA, Canada and UAE.

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