Budget quote by Venkatraman Venkateswaran, Group President & CFO, Federal Bank

Mr. Venkatraman Venkateswaran (1)

Venkatraman Venkateswaran, Group President & CFO, Federal Bank

“In my view, the priority would be to ensure stability & growth in the system. Till the recent past, we had seen investment from the government in capex as the major driver, but now private capex seems picking up but there is still a lot of potential. We need to spur investment in both govt & private sectors to keep the economy on a growth trajectory for a sustained period. Directionally, the government can extend the PLI scheme to more sectors. I also expect/hope to see an alignment in capital gains tax rates to ensure investments are chosen based on the merits of investment rather than tax advantages of asset classes. And the introduction of new incentives to encourage domestic production targeting MSMEs would help us move towards becoming Atmanirbhar. This would promote the domestic economy, and employment and help us avoid importing of low value-add products. “

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