BroBazaar launches first tech-enabled digital marketplace for real estate brokers and builders

New Delhi, 5th August 2022- India’s first tech platform made for real estate brokers and builders, BroBazaar has launched the digital marketplace that aims to make it easier for professionals in the real estate industry to list and find properties, close deals quicker and boost revenue via its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled matchmaking. It is founded by Neha, who conceptualized BroBazaar after identifying gaps in the traditional real-estate marketplace after being a broker for over a decade.

Logo - BroBazaar

Through the launch, BroBazaar becomes the first platform in India to streamline how on-ground builders and brokers do business.

Behind the platform’s genesis is the belief that it’s time to move on from the traditional brokerage industry, which is fraught with challenges such as a cumbersome process to find leads, delays in deal closures, limited network and geographies, and difficult inventory management.

As an avid real estate investor passionate about simplifying the buying, selling and renting of properties, the founder realized that the industry is unorganized, which is hurting all stakeholders. She created BroBazaar to unlock the potential of the real estate industry via a tech-enabled solution.

“New-age technology will shape the present-day brokerage, just like it has transformed every industry. BroBazaar will bring in massive change, be it to generate leads, close deals, grow revenue, or widen your network to explore newer residential and commercial properties in more neighborhoods. The new-age brokerage solution will make it easier for brokers and builders to climb up the proverbial ladder, instead of eliminating the scope for services from the market. We are delighted to launch the app which will be a one-stop solution for all brokers and builders,” says Neha, Founder, BroBazaar, who holds an MBA in Real Estate Management from NMIMS and a BCom degree from the University of Delhi.

Developed after thorough research and development spanning a year, BroBazaar offers broker-to-broker connectivity, easy inventory management and sharing, ease of researching deals, a huge broker directory, personalized property recommendations and easy-to-use technology one can trust to build their online presence in the industry.

“The simple-to-use tool has provisions for self-onboarding in a few clicks and no technical knowledge is required. Only 30 seconds are required to create a profile on the app, and 60 seconds to create an individual broker website. Then post properties in just 15 seconds and let our matchmaking magic do the rest,” she adds.

The platform targets to expand its app user base among real estate agents by raising market appreciation for the tool and informing brokers and builders tech adoption is needed to survive and grow their traditional businesses in 2022.

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