[BRO-8] Successful Launch of the 8th Satellite of Unseenlabs’ Constellation Dedicated to the Detection of Uncooperative Vessels at Sea


Rennes, France – January 4, 2023 – Yesterday, Unseenlabs—world leader in space-based RF detection for Maritime Domain Awareness—successfully launched its eighth satellite dedicated to the geolocation of vessels at sea from space. BRO-8 was launched with Exolaunch as part of SpaceX’s Transporter-6 Mission from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Communication with the satellite was successfully established a few hours after launch. In total, Unseenlabs has now deployed eight satellites since 2019.

The Unseenlabs constellation is designed to provide customers with reliable and frequent radio frequency data for rapid detection and monitoring of activities at sea, regardless of the time of day, or weather conditions. This capacity is ideally suited for applications such as national security, insurance, and marine area protection.

“The new satellites add essential capacities to the Unseenlabs constellation: it means more solutions and deeper analysis for our customers. If you need to know what is happening in your areas of interest, Unseenlabs provides you with an efficient solution for an exhaustive view of maritime traffic through maritime surveillance”, Clément Galic, CEO and co-founder of Unseenlabs adds.

To date, Unseenlabs has built and launched the largest fleet of independent satellites dedicated to the detection of radio frequency signals. The technology created by the company helps its customers to gain the most up-to-date analysis on maritime traffic for their area of interest.

In 2023, the French SME plans to expand the team based at its headquarters in Rennes, France. Also, the company plans to increase the number of spacecrafts to reach a constellation of 20 to 25 independent satellites, dedicated to the geolocation of vessel at sea from space.

About Unseenlabs

Founded in 2015, Unseenlabs offers a unique geolocation data service for any sea area, all around the globe. Its proprietary technology allows the geolocation of all the vessels at sea, through a single nanosatellite. Today, the company owns the most developed RF satellite constellation for Maritime Domain Awareness in the world. It allows for its clients to take quick and objective decisions based on the data we provide for sectors such as public policies at sea, or the protection of the oceans. Unseenlabs’ data can be collected regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. Contact us for more information: www.unseenlabs.space.

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