BKT Significantly Increases Its Brand Awareness In India, Thanks To Sport


Through investments in sports sponsorship,
BKT is increasingly recognized in many countries worldwide.
But above all, it is ever more prominent in India, its country of origin.

Mumbai (India), April 5, 2022 – BKT has significantly increased awareness of its brand in India and different countries around the world. Since it began its sporting adventure in 2014 with Monster Jam, the recognition of the Indian brand, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Off-Highway tires, has grown dramatically.

According to an analysis conducted at the end of 2021, the countries which have seen the biggest increase in brand awareness are India above all, China and South Africa. Thanks to BKT’s prudent and careful strategy which has managed to involve fans even more through tools to provide maximum visibility in sporting events.
Brand awareness is also growing in other countries such as Mexico or Brazil, but it is above all Asia that has reacted passionately to the company’s sporting message.

Talking about this and presenting the latest data today was Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe, a subsidiary of the Group that deals with the promotion and marketing of the company at a global level.
“We’re achieving important goals thanks to sport sponsorships” Lucia Salmaso comments “Our brand can count on a wonderful visibility all over the globe and we see our awareness growing every day. And all this is made by speaking the emotional language of sport. By supporting sport. We aim to engage fans more and the result is simply ‘Growing Together’. As our motto states.”

The occasion was LaLiga Extra Time, a meeting and conversation with the Indian press organized in Mumbai by Liga de Fútbol Profesional, the body that manages the famous Spanish football championship.
BKT has been the Official Global Sponsor of LaLiga since 2018 and today was involved as a brand representing the Indian world with a strong passion for sport.
The company is in fact a kind of sporting ambassador having managed to reconcile the passion for India’s most loved sport, cricket, with sports disciplines all around the world: from football to curling, passing through rugby, basketball and eSports. For BKT supporting sport is not only strategic, it is a social investment, the belief in and promotion of its founding values.
And the results of increased brand awareness in India are a source of particular pride for BKT, which never forgets its roots.

Lucia Salmaso also invited the public to follow BKT’s two official channels covering the sports world, where you can stay up to date with all the news and events, initiatives and competitions organized by the company. The first tool is the web platform sponsorship.bkt-tires.com while the second is the Instagram profile Bkt.Sport.
Cricket fans will also find plenty of information and updates on Australia’s Big Bash League, of which BKT is League Partner.

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