Avanta to Expand Presence in India, Plans to Add 50k Sq Ft Premium Space in Next 6 Months

Nehru Place

Delhi: Delhi NCR’s leading co-working company Avanta India is on an expansion spree. The company is set to add 50, 000 Sq Ft of new premium co-working space, aiming its total space to 200,000 Sq Ft. The company will start its expansion drive with the new area of 10,000 Sq Ft at Nehru Place, translating into 150 new seats.

The expansion at Nehru Place will be completed by Dec 2022. This will be followed by capacity building in other centers.

Presently Avanta has co-working properties at Nehru Palace, Connaught Place, KG Marg, and Saket in New Delhi. Besides, it operates a space at sec-30 Gurgaon. All its centers are operating on full occupancy, which has led Avanta to aggressively add new seats.

“In the new normal Avanta is spearheading the co-working revolution in the national capital. Our USP lies in offering world-class flexible office spaces at prime locations in Delhi-NCR. Our client base is vast, which includes large MNCs, financial institutions, technology service providers alongside start-ups, and smaller businesses.” Quoted Mr. Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India.

The newly added seats will be unbranded spaces with top-notch facilities. Avanta takes special attention to creating ergonomically efficient layouts and spaces that can boost overall productivity and foster an overall conducive environment. Its centers are known for modern facilities, tastefully designed interiors, and plenty of recreational zones that are in sync with evolving employee preferences.

Once believed to be a peripheral element in the office leasing landscape in India, co-working and shared spaces are now gradually moving toward the core. Going forward 20% of the overall leasing will comprise of the co-working segment. Interestingly not just start-ups but larger organizations are also opting for co-working spaces.

There are many inherent benefits associated with co-working spaces. One can lease as per use. In co-working, occupiers do not need to lease out an entire space in the beginning. Rather one can opt for seats as per use and if needed can expand in the future by leasing out more seats, as these are based on pay-per-seat model. This is a more approachable strategy as it contains the cost and offers flexibility to occupiers to scale-up fast.

In a time, when markets are recovering, companies are focused on their core business and avoid cost overruns. This makes co-working a natural choice to bet on.

“From an individual growth perspective as well, working in a shared space has numerous tangible benefits. It nurtures meaningful interaction and collaboration between employees,cutting across organizations and industry verticals. This in turn can help in more holistic growth and better thinking.” Added Mr. Mathur.

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