Appalla Saikrian, Founder and CEO of SCOPE elected as one of the most successful teenage Indian entrepreneurs by The Big Red Group

Appalla Saikiran_Founder & CEO_SCOPE

Appalla Saikiran_Founder & CEO_SCOPE

National, June 2022: Adding another jewel to his star-studded growth journey, Appalla Saikiran, Founder and CEO of SCOPE, a new-age holistic platform for budding entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors and industry experts, has recently been elected as one of the 11 most successful teenage entrepreneurs in India by The Big Red Group, an edtech giant bringing world-class educational programs for high school students. This achievement is a testament to Appalla’s hard work, innovative approach and pioneering thought process that has made him one of the shining stars of the 21st century.

Appalla is currently spearheading SCOPE’s strategic and business segments, overseeing the core application, and personifying its development plans. At the age of just 17, Appalla came up with the idea to build a platform where every budding entrepreneur can get an opportunity to connect with the right mentors, industry experts and investors. His professional and academic journey is filled with several awards and accolades, including receiving the Global Kids Achievers Award for developing the SCOPE app, getting a seat at the Junior CEO program certified by Brown University and being one of the top-100 students across India selected by Google to visit their office.

Furthermore, Appalla has also recently been nominated as the International Partner for India at World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF). He will represent India at the next Grand Assembly and pave the way for it to join the world’s largest forum of the equity investment market.

Appalla Saikiran, Founder & CEO, SCOPE and newly-appointed International Partner for India, said, “This is an exciting and extremely gratifying achievement. I am thankful to The Big Red Group for considering me among the successful teenage entrepreneurs of India. To aspiring teenage entrepreneurs, I’d like to say that stay true to your path. If you think an idea is worth exploring and taking calculated risks, pursue it. Don’t let the world affect your decision-making abilities. Our country is filled with talented young minds who are only one mentor away from stirring up the existing world. So, take your talent and skills seriously, and don’t let anyone dissuade you from pursuing your dreams.” 

The recently published list of 11 successful teenage entrepreneurs of India by The Big Red Group includes other names like Ritesh Agarwal, Advait Thakur, Vinusha MK, Tilak Mehta, Sreelakshmi Suresh, Akhilendru Sahu, Rohit Kashyap, Deepak Ravindran, Farrhad Acidwalla and Nithin Kamath.

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