All Good Scents Launches AGS Pairing – a First-of-its-Kind Range of Perfumes in India – for Fragrance Pairing

All Good Scents

All Good Scents – India’s first contemporary fragrance house – designed to create cruelty-free, vegan, fun-to-use fragrances, has announced the launch of AGS Pairing, a first-of-its-kind range of perfumes in India for pairing fragrances.

With Pairing, All Good Scents brings to people daily-wear, affordable, gender-fluid, universal fragrances and encourages the use of different fragrances together — to custom-blend a signature scent that is unique.

AGS Pairing is a collection of ten fragrances — designed to evolve no matter where someone is on their personal journey. The collection comprises the following fragrances; Sparkling Citrus, Fizzy Fresh, Crunchy Green, Warm Oud, Delicate Lily of the Valley, Velvet Tuberose, Dewy Rose, Gourmand Vanilla, Smoky Patchouli and Creamy Sandalwood — and have been honed over nine months by fragrance creator and designer, Rajiv Sheth.

“By experimenting with different fragrance pairings, people can now create something fresh and unique which reflects their personality or how they’re feeling. What sets AGS Pairing apart is that it is interactive, experimental and playful. We want to tap into the power of building a community for scent pairings, and create a space to learn at-home pairing of scents, which lingers long after application, resulting in a versatile, fragrance experience. At a time when many of us are at home, scents can be a powerful way to make someone feel good, form emotional connections to fragrances and create new memories, said Rajiv Sheth — Master Perfumer, CEO & Creative Director — All Good Scents.

While pairing or cocktailing of fragrances has been around in a few countries it has not taken centre stage. With AGS Pairing people can now try out a variety of notes of fragrances separated into three categories; top notes, heart notes and base notes — and decide for themselves which fragrance they want to pair with another. It’s a personal choice — and is about creating a customised, unique, game-changing scent.

Cocktailing scents can mean spraying one scent on one wrist and the other on the neck, or it can even mean spritzing one scent on one side of the neck, and the second one on the other side.

Every pack of 30ml sized fragrance comes with a 2.5ml free tester of another fragrance so people can pair with another fragrance sample. Additionally, a Discovery Set consists of samples of all ten fragrances in a box with 2.5ml x 10 vials bringing to people luxurious, yet affordable scents. AGS Pairing aims to inspire, simplify the concept of cocktailing scents, and encourage people to try new fragrance combinations.

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