8 Disruptive startup/ business founders of 2022

8 Disruptive

1. Mahapavit, founder of Go Study Free

Mahapavit is an MBA from Bradford University, UK. Today is widely known for initiating the German education revolution in India. He has been advising international Universities. He has helped thousands of students in getting admission to 100% scholarship programs in the World’s top Universities in Germany. Go Study Free has been helping students seek admission to the best German Universities and providing them a chance to study in the best Universities in the world for a bright and lucrative future. They are the only organization in India that provides a money-back guarantee for getting admission into German universities as they know that they are capable enough to help students achieve their goals and enjoy a great future. ‘Go Study Free’ expertise is not only to provide assistance in seeking admission but to also assist in learning the German language so that they have better prospects once they are there. They have a complete range of expert services that include admission, loans as well as visa, and arranging part-time jobs to permanent jobs for students who look forward to making their lives. www.gostudyfree.com

2. Pushkar Limaye Co-Founder and CTO of Carnot Technologies

Pushkar Limaye Co-Founder and CTO of Carnot Technologies, an alumnus of IIT Bombay, Carnot Tech is driven by the zeal to position India as one of the world’s leading tech-solution providers across industries. As Chief Engineering for his team at the Formula Student Race, Pushkar tumbled upon the existing gap in the automobile visibility industry. Solving this key problem with a simple, tech-enabled device is how Carnot Tech came into being. Carnot Tech – India’s leading Agri-tech start-up helping Rental Entrepreneurs grow. Initially established as a tech-enabled solution to increase visibility about the automobile movement, the company pivoted to agri-tech in 2017 and is now the only company in India focused on the growth of Rental Entrepreneurs, a community of more than 60 Lac people in the tractor rental business. Carnot Tech has now raised substantial investment from Mahindra and Mahindra and is expanding its business overseas as well. Their flagship products Simha Telematics & Krish-e Diary are helping rental entrepreneurs earn up to 30% more.

3. Gaurav Shetty, founder of Roofberries and Mitron

Gaurav K Shetty, the second-generation entrepreneur and founder of brands like Opa, Mitron, Roofberries, and The Scene spearheads the sales and marketing team in Dubai and India. Gaurav’s qualifications include Bachelor in Commerce from Mumbai University and Honours in Business Administration from Middlesex University, Dubai & London. He has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality sector and has worked in the UK, UAE, and Indian markets. In Dubai, Mumbai, and Belgaum, he has his own existing brands. Mitron is a 4-year-old brand that took off in 2018. Be it friendship or finance, handling bonds with care and trust remains at the core of their ideology. This modest philosophy inspired Mitron to take the liberty of creation. Roofberries started in December 2021, the goal was to make this 3000 sq. ft. rooftop experience as quirky as the name and the ambiance suggests. Roofberries happens to be a combination of its USPs, the chicest rooftop experience that the city has to offer punched with the eccentricity of berries, so varied in nature and flavors. It likes to keep its ‘berry’ cool out here for its guests.

4.Neisha Arora, founder ‘Ati Svelte’ and ‘Hale and Belle’

Fashion, beauty, and style are her innate passions, and she has paid down a tidy amount of time experiencing, forming the groundwork, and documenting the very best out there. She’s a disruptive, self-made woman entrepreneur who’s heading up the Content Commerce Industry. The Face Yoga Practitioner and Mentor, Neisha has studied yoga under the tutelage of one of the foremost authorities of Yoga, fully accredited by the World Yoga Organisation. She’s currently driving her virtual face yoga studio under the name – Ati Svelte. Popularly known for her beauty portal ‘Hale and Belle’ – she’s the Best Beauty Blogger Awardee, felicitated by the Hon’ble Pramila Pandey. Neisha has immense expertise in Skincare, Makeup, Organic Skincare Remedies, and Yoga and helps women incorporate these best practices into their urban lifestyle. Her love for all things natural and pure has led to in-depth learning and knowledge in green living. She enables more empowered and vibrant lives by establishing a systematic approach to cleaner living combined with detailed Yogic solutions for all modern-day challenges such as Stress Management, Detoxification, Natural Beauty Care, and Green Living. Neisha is a JIMMC alumni with more than 15 years of experience in Content Creation and Digital Marketing, recognized and followed ardently by hundreds of thousands of followers for her creative geniuses.

5. Amber Pabreja, Founder, Trendlyne

Founder and CEO of trendlyne.com, Amber Pabreja has been making investments simple since 2017. An investor himself, Amber found himself spending countless hours finding and correlating information about investments. He realized the gap in the investment market and the roadblocks it creates for investors, especially retail investors. This is how Trendlyne was born which is helping investors choose the right investments, at the right time. Data and rapid information are the major differentiators in the stock market. Co-Founder and CMO of trendlyne.com, Devi Yesodharan has a career spanning marketing and strategy roles at reputed institutions. Her expertise in marketing and content helps trendlyne build a more accessible platform for investors. Trendlyne, one of India’s leading platforms for stock market analysis, offers data-driven insights and analysis to investors and traders, helping them improve the returns on their investments. Launched in 2017 with the idea of democratizing stock market data for investors and traders, Trendlyne has gained a strong foothold in India in a short span of time and simplifies investing in the stock, derivatives, and mutual fund markets.

6. Nikhil Bansal, founder of Classic Essentials

Nikhil joined early in business, during his college days only, while he was doing his graduation from IILM. His father is known name is the stainless steel industry and was already an established name in the steel flat industry. While Nikhil wanted to make a mark of his own, he started with a new venture by launching his cutlery and kitchenware manufacturing unit. He started export business and gradually developed business in over 50 countries. With a manufacturing unit of over 5 lac sq feet, now he has grown the brand Classic Essentials with a product line in cookers, cookware, kitchen utensils, kitchen storage, steel serveware, cutlery, copper & steel bottles, lunch boxes, dinner sets, and much more. The brand is Omni present, from presence across India in offline stores to online presence across all major platforms. His hard work and eye for perfection make the brand stand out among others due to its quality and ability to fulfill big orders on time. He focuses on quality research and keeps working on R&D to bring out the best in terms of design, durability, and quality. The SNB group has ventured into SS coils, and pipes as well and his aim is to make this brand a household name.

7. Natasha Kothari and Anam Batliwalla, founders of Wedding Social

Natasha Kothari, and Anam Batliwalla, both hail from digital marketing and advertising backgrounds. Together, they decided to bridge the gap in the wedding industry related to social content. While weddings still need professionally edited, posed, and traditional photography our digital forward generation also wants raw, fun, and candid content. Wedding Social, India’s First Wedding-Day Social Media Consultants and Strategists assist brides and grooms with content management on their wedding days. They work closely with couples to showcase their Big Day online in unique ways for the world to see. Ex-content head for the Official Humans of Bombay and founder of Studio UnGap, Natasha is an Entrepreneur. Anam Batliwalla, managing director of Site-N-Sign Media Network Pvt Ltd. has vast expertise in creating promotional campaigns and discovering new business opportunities. These creative experts can do almost whatever the couple needs: live stories, finding the best angles for “candid” content, and making reels during the wedding rituals along with capturing behind-the-scenes moments which generally would be overlooked. Wedding Social’s mission is to leverage social and digital tools to capture authentic and memorable moments, provide couples with a quick turnaround on wedding content, and create a unique digital experience for weddings.

8. Sukanya Bhataacharya, founder Prathaa

Sukanya Bhataacharya’s love for travel and explorations along with her immense respect for Indian Art and Weaves and the talent behind it are the few factors that lay the foundation stone for Prathaa. Like she always says about her extended team of weavers and artisans in the villages “ Prathaa is because of them, and not the other way round ”.In her own words, “My love and admiration for Indian Art and Weaves and the fear of losing this art form over the next few decades, were my two primary motivations to play an active role in creating a socially and environmentally conscious brand.” Prathaa is a socially relevant brand with the core vision to provide sustainable livelihood to the weaver and artisan community. Currently, they work with the craft community of kutch and Bengal. Prathaa’s attempt is to start a community conversation and amplify the ripple to a wave to be able to retain a few of these craft forms. Each Prathaa design goes through an elaborate birthing process and has a distinct story to tell. Adhering to our commitment to mostly using natural and breathable fabrics, we use the same to bring forth eye-catching styles.
Pic Credit: Aman singh madaan

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