Deccan Healthcare plans to expand in India and overseas

Dr. Minto Purshotam Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director

Hyderabad, August 2022: Deccan Healthcare Ltd., a leading nutraceutical products company, with an aim to help consumers age gracefully, reduce risk of disease, prevent disease, and live a better quality of life, is expanding its product portfolio to include consumer health problems arising out of long digital screen time viewing and a diverse distribution network both in India and overseas.

Commenting on the strategy, Mr. Minto Purshotam Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director said, “We would continue to increase our footprint in offline stores and expand into domestic and international markets in UAE and USA. We are currently exploring placing our products in 600 retail stores in the USA which is the largest market in our segment.

We plan to expand our global footprint with specific segmented products for the main market in US, UK and Europe. We are looking at expanding focus in these markets over the next 5 years. We also look to do local manufacturing here. From 600 retail stores in the US, we would like to scale it up to 6000 in the next 5 years and be part of all the major retail chains in US.”

Deccan Healthcare is introducing 4 variants of nutraceuticals to address tech/text neck, digital eye strain, brain fog, and energy burnout due to long digital screen time view and plans to launch these 4 variants in domestic market through the online distribution on catering to its specific target domestic audience and through collaborations in international markets of UAE and USA. In UAE, the company will offer its products through Medisouk online POS and subsequently through the retail offline outlets.

“Today people are viewing digital screen for more than 4-5 hours a day and this in a year amount to appx 1500 hrs and over next 10 years 15000 hrs. This long digital screen time view is impacting the eyes, neck, brain adversely. Awareness must be created to prevent a future pandemic,” added Dr. Minto.

Deccan Healthcare online store is growing rapidly and witnessing more footfalls and serving more consumers. The growth in consumer  orders is over 20%.

Deccan Healthcare leveraging on its nutraceutical knowledge, experience in R&D and manufacturing capabilities and raw materials supply chain is expanding its list of 63 private label buyers and now has the privilege to associate with House of Masaba and supply products to House of Masaba of highest quality akin to the brand standards of House of Masaba. Deccan Healthcare has supplied an anxiety relief product to House of Masaba and is in talks with House of Masaba to expand its product portfolio and with other leading brands to be a quality supplier of nutraceutical, self-care products.

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