Srishti Raai is all set to conquer the unexplored category of the beauty industry along with Bollywood Diva Sonakshi Sinha…

Srishti Raai & Sonakshi Sinha

Curated and conceptualised by Srishti Raai and Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha, SOEZI is a contemporary, press-on nail brand that stems from the lack of high-quality beauty products in India.

“Since time immemorial, Indians have had to wait to travel abroad or rely on a relative returning from a foreign country in order to get access to premium-quality beauty products. Being a consumer myself with a resolute interest in fashion and beauty, I had a keen understanding of what people desire and SOEZI is an attempt to deliver the same.”, says Srishti Raai, a lawyer by profession who also holds a Master’s degree in Business Management.

Having completed her Bachelor of Law with Business Studies from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Raai further attained an MSc in Business Management in her pursuit of entrepreneurship. Her strong inclination toward the fashion and beauty industry, in addition to doing summer internships in her family businesses, motivated her to establish a venture of her own.

Raai says, “I realised that there was a massive gap in the nails segment in India when I was exposed to an international beauty brand selling premium-quality press-on nails in the USA. In fact, I found my true calling while helping my aunt pick out beauty products and came across press-ons. This inspired me to introduce an easily accessible and exclusive press-on nail brand of international standards in India, that’ll make people’s life SOEZI, hence the name.”

Raai’s motivation and Sinha’s quest to find a quick solution to fix all nail emergencies stimulates the innovation-led design, high-quality products and technologically advanced approach of SOEZI. With a crystal-clear focus on being a customer-friendly brand fulfilling all consumer needs in order to encourage repeat purchases, the zestful entrepreneurs have a bifold plan. The first is to introduce people to a reliable, cost-effective and premium-quality press-on nail brand in India that has been developed to deliver a satisfactory customer experience. The second is to cater to all nail enthusiasts who’ve had a disappointing experience with the existing turbulent brands. They aspire to let the product speak for itself and promote unbiased user-generated content.

Envisioned to empower people and let their nails do the talking, Raai and Sinha aim to diminish the fear and myths regarding press-on nails in India with their IT tips that nourish and restore the health of the natural nails. With a vision to make people’s lives ‘SOEZI’ they want to diversify their niche by adding additional verticals in due course and make it a notable brand at par with international standards.

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