Ritika Singh: Meet the Phenomenal Brand Director of Savour & Aura

Ritika Singh

Ms. Ritika Singh is the Brand Director of Savour and Aura. With over 6 years of proven management experience in execution and luxury marketing, she has steered Savour and Aura towards recognition and acclaim in a result-orientated environment without compromising on quality and standards.

Starting her career in retail management back in 2014, she worked in multiple luxury retail brand franchises, including the house of luxury Italian brands such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, and many more. She further developed her understanding of the HNI market and luxury clientele while pursuing an MBA in London and simultaneously joining several part-time jobs in luxury retail to understand the consumer perception and brand story that goes into business. It was during lockdown while working from home on an 8-hour job, that she executed
her already existing skills of luxury retail management within the over-25-year-old family business of perfumery, a line she never expected to pursue. Envisioning a new direction, Savour and Aura was created taking Covid as an opportunity as Ritika brought on her skill set of brand development and idea creation to the forefront while utilizing her familiarity with the Genz and millennial identity.

Conceptualized with drive and innovation, Savour and Aura took shape on Ritika’s founding belief that fragrance is a defining extension of one’s personal style and draws inspiration from memories, recalling her own childhood memories of playing with her grandparents in the winter garden amongst the smell of fresh roses in full bloom. Spending months in perfume libraries to recognize the notes of individual fragrances, Ritika recreated the identity of
traditional Indian fragrances into modern perfumes that meet the expectations of today’s urban clientele, while maintaining the purity of chosen ingredients.

Ritika has actualized her vision of luxury perfume curation with a nostalgic yet modern twist,  taking notes from her mother who is a lover of traditional fragrances and wishes to maintain the unique sanctity of traditional Indian blends with a modern essence in a fast-paced changing market. Over the next 5 years, the brand believes in steady growth and having a presence in every metropolitan city with associations of hotels, salons, and designer outlets while opening a flagship store in the future.

“Perfume is an art that makes memory speak”

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