Neha Sampat, Founder & CEO, Contentstack

Neha Sampat(Founder & CEO,Contentstack).

Neha Sampat, Founder & CEO at Contentstack, has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, female leader, and tech visionary. Neha is a reputed industry leader and an advocate of diversity and women in leadership. She has spoken extensively about women in tech, her own journey as an entrepreneur, her experience as a female leader, and her company’s prominent role in the future of technology.

Before Contentstack was founded, Neha was the co-founder and CEO of Digital Experience Platform (DXP)®, which German software powerhouse Software AG later acquired. Some of her accolades include being one of the “50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley” in 2015, “San Francisco Business Times Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business” in 2017, and “San Francisco Business Times 40 under 40” honoree. She has also received the title of “CEO of the Year” by Aragon Research in December 2018 and Female Tech Trailblazer of the Year in 2020. She is also a recipient of “Best CEO for Diversity” and “Best CEO for Women” in the 2020 Comparably Best Places to Work Awards.

About Contentstack

Founded in 2015, Mumbai based Contentstack ( is the leading content experience platform with an API-first approach to optimize content creation and management. It is committed to offering a powerful and easy-to-use platform that empowers content creators, content editors, and business owners alike in creating websites and applications quickly.

With a vision for it to be the de-facto platform for “managing content for the world” and be the dominant Digital Experience Platform for global enterprises, Contentstack endeavors to redefine content creation, management, and publication.

Contentstack’s projects encompass a variety of channels, audiences, brands, and regions, such as Chase, Express, Mattel, McDonald’s, Mitsubishi, Holiday Inn, Icelandair, Riot Games, Sephora, and Shell. The organization has grown into a 150+ client family that will multiply in 2022.

Contentstack recorded over 150% growth of its customer base since closing its series A round and more than doubled the number of Fortune 1000 companies that have adopted its platform. As a result of Contentstack acting as these organizations’ core content hub, the amount of
digital content powered by Contentstack grew a staggering 60X over the same period. Individual customers now serve petabytes of content to their audiences every month. As a founding member of the game-changing MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native, Headless) technologies, Contentstack ensures personalized and engaging interactions with customers and businesses across diverse digital touchpoints. It helps navigate brand storytelling, while enabling top-notch technology for brands to orchestrate superior customer journeys and deliver dynamic digital experiences.

Contentstack is known for its ‘Care Without Compromise’, delivering industry’s highest customer satisfaction. The company believes that to build affinity in any industry, an organization must observe purposeful client interactions that drive growth and deliver results. Contentstack continues to offer advanced digital technologies for all its participants in the global industry.

COVID-19 was the digital accelerant of the decade, according to a recent study from Twilio, as it expedited companies’ digital communications strategy by an average of 6 years. Given that, it is no surprise that Aragon Research forecasts the CXP market will grow to $28.8 billion by 2025 (up from $11 billion in 2019); 50% of large enterprises are expected to shift to a CXP by the end of 2022 alone. Contentstack is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing market by addressing the needs of customers with modern, MACH-based solutions that outperform traditional product suites and legacy technologies.

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