Blockchain App Factory and bitsCrunch join forces to launch white label NFT marketplace solutions for global businesses

Blockchain App Factory x bitsCrunch

New Delhi, April 13, 2023: Blockchain app factory, India’s leading enterprise blockchain technology solutions provider today announced a strategic partnership with bitsCrunch, a leading force in Forensic and AI-powered NFT analytics. The symbiotic association between the two leading brands will leverage the combined power of their technologies to empower users with forensics and AI-powered real-time analytics. The strategic alliance is aimed at making NFT trading a highly informed decision for users across the globe.

The collaboration will support major blockchain networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon. The alliance of forensic and AI-powered analytic tools and easy-to-deploy blockchain solutions will create an innovative platform for a transparent NFT trading experience for NFTpreneurs across the globe. bitsCrunch, one of the leading NFT-based data-driven companies, has made a name in the competitive market with its ‘anti-fraud’ tools that help users combat wash trades, NFT price inflation, and the production of counterfeits.

Commenting on the development Mahendran Sundaram, Director of Sales & Partnership, Blockchain app factory, said “We are very elated to announce this exciting partnership with bitsCrunch. Our combined expertise in Web3 technology will assist us in delivering NFT business solutions focusing on authenticity and analytics to our global clientele.”

Commenting on the development Vijay Pravin, Founder, and CEO at bitsCrunch, added, “At bitsCrunch, we are committed to empowering our users to participate in a transparent NFT economy and our collaboration is a major step towards achieving that goal. Our partnership with the Blockchain app factory is a part of our continued efforts to create an environment of trust and transparency within the NFT industry. We look forward to working closely with Blockchain App Factory and we are hopeful of witnessing the positive of our symbiotic association on the blockchain/NFT ecosystem.”

The majority of the brands in India and around the globe are eager to take their first step toward Web3 as they see a lot of potential for marketing and brand engagement through NFTs. The lack of a professional marketplace solution is the biggest hurdle in NFT adoption and collaboration between both companies will fill this gap.

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