India@ 75 to witness a Political Renaissance and Greatest Surprise!

New Delhi, September 27, 2021
India@75 needs to align with the new age challenges and opportunities. The top leadership is believed to have been convinced to come out with a new strategy to hand over the rein to a young, energetic, and charismatic personality to provide the much-needed energy to Indian political and governance affairs.

It is widely admitted by seasoned leaders of the country that the future of the Indian Republic rests on the shoulders of young leaders. Hence, a new political strategy is in the offing. Sources revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for throwing political surprises and a New Prime Minister, coming from unknown quarters without any political background may be the biggest surprise of the Century in the country’s political and governance arena. A young global Indian entrepreneur who comes from Lord Rama’s lineage could be at the helm of affairs to make India a superpower socially, economically, and politically. For inclusive growth, a new age strong India would need Ramrajya, hence the top post could be given to a descendant of Lord Rama with a complete consensus cutting across the part line, caste, creed, and religion.

In political and government circles, such a move was guessed wildly for 2029, but sources said that it can happen this year, even before the 2024 general elections! Political pundits also hinted that a revolutionary change may happen as soon this year auspicious period- during Navaratra and Deepawali.

There needs to be a perfect alignment between a wish to establish Ramrajya, inclusive economic growth, and the welfare of the people. Hence, India is probably going to witness a new age of political renaissance and inclusive politics where for the top post a consensus arrives from all political parties and forces. India’s unity in diversity is expected to be manifested once again with a new political episode soon.

Like Prime Minister Modi, a new leader would be expected to have a massive appeal in public across India and he should take socio-economic development to a new high with the fulfilment of people’s aspirations in cultural-religious domains.

Political analysts also observe that something unprecedented is cooking up in the Indian politics and governance arena but what shape it will take is a matter of time! They pointed out that creating wealth by providing jobs and platforms to a determined Young India is an urgent need as they will do the rest to Make India Mahan (Great) with Self-confidence, Self-Reliance, Unity, and determination.

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