Southern Peripheral Road: The Heart of Gurugram

The Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) has emerged as one of Gurugram’s most pivotal real estate corridors, playing a crucial role in the city’s urban and economic expansion. Spanning from the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road near Sector 58 to its connection with NH-48 near Sector 74A, and intersecting Sohna Road at Badshahpur Chowk, SPR is more than just a transportation link—it is the lifeline that integrates various parts of the city.

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SPR’s strategic location and extensive reach make it a vital artery for Gurugram. This evolving corridor in South Gurgaon amalgamates several developed and developing sectors, addressing the city’s residential, commercial, and industrial demands. It serves as a seamless connection between key areas, enhancing accessibility and fostering economic growth. The infrastructure improvements, including the elevated SPR and the cloverleaf at Vatika Chowk, ensure that traffic flows smoothly between the Sohna elevated road, the Dwarka Expressway, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, and NH-48, thanks to controlled access for traffic movement.

Ravi Aggarwal, Co-founder & Managing Director, of Signature Global (India) Limited said, “The Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) is undergoing significant new developments, including the elevated SPR and the cloverleaf at Vatika Chowk. These enhancements will ensure smooth traffic flow from the Sohna elevated road and SPR to the Dwarka Expressway, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, and NH48, thanks to the entire loop having controlled access for traffic movement. Additionally, the upcoming jungle safari further enhances the investment appeal of this location.

SPR well positioned as the heart of Gurugram, an upcoming metro station planned in 72 A, and various multinational brands across the segments are setting their office space or retail centers in the location indicating its potential. Besides, a proposed metro line running along SPR from Sector 55/56 to Vatika Chowk, featuring five new metro stations at Sector 56, Sushant Lok, Sushant Lok Phase-3, Rosewood City, and Vatika Chowk, also contributes to making this an ideal investment destination.

Property prices are expected to surge around SPR, with sectors in close proximity such as 71, 72, 75, and 76 experiencing the highest appeal among homebuyers and investors.

More than just a transportation link, SPR is the backbone of Gurugram’s urban expansion. The corridor’s development showcases strategic urban planning, meeting the city’s growing demand for integrated living and working spaces. The ongoing projects and infrastructural enhancements are poised to make SPR a central hub for Gurugram’s economic growth.

Investing in SPR today is like tapping into Gurugram’s future. The corridor’s blend of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces ensures continuous demand and rising property values. With the government’s strong push for infrastructure and connectivity, SPR is set to become one of the most coveted real estate destinations in the NCR region.

Ankit Gupta, Director, Reach Group said, “The rapid growth in the real estate market has redefined luxury in Gurgaon over the last few years. The rising demand for luxury projects has also upsurged the commercial segment in the region. Amidst this demand, the Southern Peripheral Road in Gurgaon has witnessed a boost in development activity, presenting a wealth of investment opportunities across various real estate market segments. Additionally, with major companies like American Express, Air India, Pepsi, and Tata Realty investing in the area and establishing new campuses, the significance of SPR as a thriving hub for businesses continues to grow. The strategic connectivity of SPR to key infrastructure corridors like the Dwarka Expressway and the Central Peripheral Road (CPR) further enhances its appeal, facilitating seamless transportation and accessibility for residents and businesses alike.”

Ashwani Kumar, Pyramid Infratech says “The increasing demand for luxury housing in Gurugram is strengthening the market segment, enabling developers to curate high-end projects and transform the region into a highly desirable residential destination. In addition, the adjacent sectors along the SPR are gaining prominence, with residential projects boasting the finest amenities. The evolving sectors on the SPR corridor are witnessing increased traction from end-users and investors both seeking luxury projects. Sector 71, located along the SPR corridor, is becoming a popular choice among homebuyers due to its planned and proposed infrastructure, great connectivity, and luxurious surroundings. We have a project coming up on sec-71 which is an exquisitely designed luxury space set to provide an exceptional living experience, unparalleled comfort, and a great investment opportunity.”

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