International Level Crossings Awareness Day observed by Eastern Railway to sensitise citizens

Mr Vipin Kumar, Sr Divisional Engineer, Sealdah, Eastern Railway at the International Level Crossings Awareness Day sensitising event in Kolkata.

June 2022, Kolkata: The Indian Railways on 9 June 2022 observed the International Level Crossings Awareness Day (ILCAD) across India. In order to sensitise road users to enhance safety at the level crossings and ensure safety, the Sealdah Division of Eastern Railway observed various programmes at the manned level crossings gates involving the top Railway officials, supervisors, Railway Protection Force, volunteers from Civil Defence, Scouts & Guides and civil authorities.

“We have launched a safety drive at the manned level crossings by distribution awareness pamphlets and handbills; organising joint ambush checks and holding Nukkad nataks or road show skits at BT Station and Sealdah Station,” said Mr Sujit S Priyadarshi, ADRM Sealdah, Eastern Railway.

A mobile SMS campaign for road users with the slogan `Life is more precious than time’ has also been started. The Railways is reaching out to all road users with the message – Stop, look out for trains and pass before crossing any level crossing gates.

“The message is never try to force your way when the level crossing is closed and do not use mobile phones. The idea is to share good practices and projects to improve safety and reduce accident toll,” said Mr Vipin Kumar, Sr Divisional Engineer, Sealdah Division, Eastern Railway.

The International Level Crossing Awareness Day is a worldwide initiative to improve awareness of level crossing safety. Since 2009 the campaign has been spearheaded by the International Union of Railways (UIC) – the worldwide railway organisation – with the support of the railway community around the world. About 50 countries usually take part in the ILCAD annual campaign.

This conference attracts railway industry representatives, road authorities, academics, and many others from around the world who are working to raise awareness about the dangers surrounding level crossings.

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