Bharat Verma India’s first body percussionist introduces Bharat’s Beat Show (BBS): India’s First Body Rhythm Dance Show using interesting props

Bharat’s Beat Show (BBS):

Mumbai, 7/6/22: India’s first Body percussionist, Bharat Verma launched his proprietary dance show Bharat’s Beat Show (BBS) in the city of Lakes Udaipur. Inspired by the ‘Stomp Show’ in New York and London, BBS launched in Udaipur on 5th June 2022 among much fanfare and gala event.

Body Percussion has gained tremendous traction in recent years on the global platform. Bharat Verma, a globally renowned body percussion artist has been training several aspirants in New York since the last few years. He is an acclaimed performer who has worked with legends such as AR Rahman and Adnan Sami for a reality show on Star Plus. He has also choreographed and trained Farhan Akhtar for Nikhil Advani’s Bollywood film ‘Lucknow Central.’

Bharat Verma has been a pioneer in the field of body percussion over the years in India. In his one-of-a-kind BBS, he has innovated and integrated props such as sticks, paper, stools, chairs, and even the Indian kitchen items to create Rhythm in the form of Dance. Bharat’s Beat Show is going to be a proprietary property since Bharat Verma and his students are the only exponents of the art of body percussion in India.

Speaking about this, Bharat Verma, said, “Body percussion is a relatively novel and highly impactful form of art. This form of body music is not only a form of artistic expression of entertainment, but also has incredible power of healing the body and mind. The effects of body percussion have been observed to improve all aspects of health and wellness. At a physical level, one becomes more aware of the body, better at movement control and muscular strength as well as coordination and balance. At the mental level, it can boost concentration, memory, and perception. Even at a social health level, it has been helpful in building better relationships and reducing anxiety or stress.”

In the wake of the pandemic, he got to experiment a lot with his form of dance and decided to create this unique property which will cater to corporate events such as award ceremonies, live concerts, fairs, and even for schools/colleges annual functions and workshops. Udaipur is a fantastic location to start Bharat’s familiarization with this art. He believes people across all age groups should try body percussion as it is a great stress buster and good form of physical exercise as well. Since the art is dependent upon body control, rhythm and coordination, it can also be a great way of strengthening one’s relationship with others at a personal and social level.

Going forward, Bharat will also be launching India’s first Body Percussion academy in Mumbai. He will start with Powai post which he will slowly start spreading his branches across India.

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