100 Mn & Counting: Shared EV Mobility Leader Yulu Hits Green Deliveries Milestone

New Delhi, June 21, 2024: Yulu, India’s largest shared electric vehicle (EV) mobility technology company, today announced that its EVs have powered 100 million green deliveries across the country. With 30,000 vehicles on the roads of Bengaluru, Mumbai (including Navi Mumbai), Delhi and Gurugram, Yulu is the EV of choice for hyperlocal deliveries in these cities today.


Urban India is witnessing a rapid uptake in the adoption of eCommerce and quick-commerce services. However, last-mile deliveries account for about half of all eCommerce delivery-related emissions, and their annual CO2 footprint is expected to reach 8 million tonnes by 2030. Yulu’s clean last-mile delivery solutions are accelerating the sector’s decarbonisation and helping delivery brands to speedily achieve their sustainability goals.

In a short time, Yulu has made strong inroads in the sector with its purpose-built delivery EVs that prioritise safety, convenience, and higher earnings for delivery partners. This has been possible due to Yulu’s IoT-powered vehicle hardware, AI-based fleet management system, robust on-ground operations, and its industry-first pricing features like kilometre-based rental plans.

Yulu also helps delivery-based businesses like Swiggy, Zomato, Zepto, Blinkit and others to meet their fleet electrification goals, easily acquire new riders who don’t have their own vehicles, grow operations at scale and improve their efficiency through higher rider uptime. This has made Yulu the country’s leading delivery EV, powering four deliveries every second in its markets.

Yulu’s Co-founder and CEO Amit Gupta says, “The completion of 100 million green deliveries is a joyous moment, not only for Yulu but all our stakeholders – riders, citizens, authorities, customers and delivery companies. Making mobility better every day is a stated business principle at Yulu, and it translates into cleaner and more liveable cities. The latest milestone gets us closer to that goal. What’s equally gratifying is that in the process of getting here, Yulu has enabled 30-40% higher savings for delivery partners (compared to petrol vehicles), supporting countless sustainable livelihoods across the country.”

He adds, “Our success is a testament to the credibility, trust and deep partnerships that Yulu has built with brands and cities. I thank all our stakeholders and investors for embracing Yulu’s reliable and cutting-edge EV platform and assure them that we will constantly keep innovating to cater to ever-changing cities and their needs.”

To date, Yulu has prevented over 25 million kilogrammes of CO2 emissions. Its high accessibility factor – Yulu’s shared EVs can be ridden without a driver’s licence – unlock employment and earning opportunities for aspiring gig workers. Since the company’s inception, Yulu has enabled tens of thousands of delivery executives to unlock work opportunities and maximise their incomes.

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