“Yogakshema” hosts demonstration and lecture on ‘Yoga for Humanity – Cure through Iyengar Yoga

Dr Murli Manohar Joshi , guest of eminence of the function , addressing the gathering .

Dr Murli Manohar Joshi , guest of eminence of the function , addressing the gathering .

“Yogakshema”, Delhi NCR’s first Iyengar yoga Center under Indian Heritage Society as a prelude to International Day of Yoga celebrations; hosts a demonstration and lecture on ‘Yoga for Humanity – Cure through Iyengar Yoga’

Our Prime Minister’s keen interest and efforts have further brought “Yoga” a unique Heritage of India, to the forefront and international recognition and has resulted in 21st June now being celebrated as International Day of Yoga.

New Delhi: Indian Heritage Society, under the guidance of Ms. Nivedita Joshi, the founding managing secretary, who is a disciple of Late Yogacharya Dr. B.K.S Iyengar and herself a classic case of recovery from bed ridden state through the practice of Iyengar Yoga, have been making efforts to make the knowledge of Yoga accessible to persons from all walks of life including people with physical impairment for last 23 years. She is the recipient of the first Ladies award instituted by the Government of India for her contribution to the Yoga Manual in Braille for the visually impaired, a first of its kind in the world which was released Internationally on UNESCO’s First International Day of Yoga celebrations in Paris.

As a prelude to the celebrations on International day of Yoga, the Indian Heritage Society organized an in-depth Lecture cum demonstration on “Yoga for Humanity” -cure through Iyengar Yoga” on Friday the 17th June 2022 between 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm at their yoga institute “Yogakshema” at “65-67 Deendayal Upadhayaya Marg, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi”.

Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Former Cabinet Minister and co-founder of the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party a distinguished thinker, Guest of Eminence, set the tone of the proceedings of the function in his in-depth address laying emphasis on the origins of Yoga and its potential in the modern world as an invaluable resource for tackling the conflicts and challenges faced by humanity today in different geographical parts of the world. According to him “Mankind is witnessing an unprecedented fragmentation of society and atomization of the family .people define their social interactions on functional terms rather than on the emotional plane All nations, rich or poor, are troubled nations in the sense, that they are unable to understand and diagnose their problems. For Humanity to survive and thrive, Yoga is an important resource as Yoga is something beyond physical health and material wealth. The human persona is not only a body but is also a mind, an intellect, and a soul, and Yoga attempts to harmonize all of them and in the process, one attains a healthy body, a sharp intellect, a focused mind capable of realizing the unity between the personal Consciousness and the universal or Cosmic consciousness” . In his opinion, the statement of former UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon on the International Yoga day that “ we should do this ( yoga) before every negotiation so that we can work with a calm mind “ indicates that some meaningful thinking has set in. According to Dr. Joshi “ It can be argued that if the international negotiations could be held on the basis of the yogic tenets along with a calm mind, a new culture of conducting world affairs and international relations might evolve in the future. perhaps this could lead to a peaceful and non-violent planet. Enlightened global minds should seriously ponder such probability of harmonization of yoga and science. International yoga day apart from emphasizing the normal benefits of Yoga should be utilized to think about how a peaceful transition can be achieved for peace, harmony, and happiness.

Ms. Nivedita Joshi, Managing Secretary of Indian Heritage Society and Yoga teacher showcased the insights about the revolutionary and path-breaking work done by Guruji, late Dr. B.K.S Iyengar, in making alternate treatment options through yoga to persons with critical health issues, it’s prevention and overall wellbeing. She highlighted the importance of sequencing, timing, and alignment of the aasanas (postures) which is so unique to the Iyengar yoga system and which also distinguishes the Iyengar School of yoga from other schools of Yoga. Ms.Nivedita Joshi, presented live cases, who have recovered and benefitted through Iyengar Yoga under her. These beneficiaries from Iyengar yoga, including a person with visual impairment, shared their respective Yoga Journey under Ms. Nivedita Joshi and also performed advanced aasanas highlighting the extent of their recovery. This work is extremely beneficial in the present context in view of limitations in modern medicine in some critical illnesses and the associated exorbitant medical costs.

Dr K K Talwar ,former Chief of Medical Council of India  addressing the gathering
Dr. K K Talwar, former Chief of Medical Council of India addressing the gathering

Dr. K K Talwar, ex-Chief, Medical Council of India, Guest of Honour, awe-struck by the detailed scientific presentation of Ms. Nivedita and execution by her team from Yogakshema, stressed the need for a more collaborative approach between the modern science and Yoga and said “This session was an eye-opener for him and others from the medical fraternity, and the need to spread awareness of the potential and prowess of this treasure trove of Indian Heritage ie “Yoga “ and this session should be used to help introduce the finer details of Iyengar Yoga and its beneficial impact of recovery from critical illness and also, as a preventive healthcare resource for humanity at large.”
Shri Jyotiraditya .M. Scindia, Hon’ble Civil Aviation Minister the Chief Guest of the function, in his televised speech quoted “ Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya! Mrityor ma Amritamgamaya! is an ancient prayer in Sanskrit that translates as ‘Lead me from darkness to Light, from death to Immortality. He highlighted the journey of Yoga and its importance in the present context and the fact that Yoga was practiced in India even during the Indus Valley civilization (3300 – 1300 BCE) has been established by Archaeological findings too. Terracotta figurines in Yogic asanas have been found during excavations from Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro. A limestone statue of the priest from Mohenjo-Daro is a meditative pose or Dhyana Mudra. This shows that India has known and practised Yoga for several Millenniums. He congratulated Ms. Nivedita Joshi for her exemplary efforts in the field of Yoga by helping people recover from critical health issues. He egged her Yogakshema team to spread the light of Yoga for the betterment of humanity.
The Function was attended by seniors from the government, Industry, eminent guests from medical, academics, fraternity, and Iyengar yoga practitioners and seekers from around the globe.

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