Gurugram: Shri Vishwakarma skill University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sattvik Council of India on Monday at 2:30 PM. The main objective of this “MOU” sign in ceremony is to bring food safety management and quality management awareness to the youth of India, so that people can embrace these changes into their daily lifestyle by understanding the importance of nutritious & vegetarian food into their life. Some of the highlights of this “MOU” were not only meritorious but also captivating new self-reliant India, by generating a basic “dispensable income” through these courses for the youth.

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Through this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), courses will assist the youth to become skilled and sovereign, which has always been the main objective of the Shri Vishwakarma Skill University. The Sign-in Ceremony was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of the University Mr Raj Nehru, in which he has discussed the importance of pure vegetarian food with the founder of Sattvik Council India, Mr. Abhishek Biswas and his team members and how the importance of basic food safety management can be accustomed to the youth of India so that further on they can acquire this skill & become autarchic which will help in laying a new foundation of self-radiant India.

Sattvik Council of India is the world’s first vegetarian food safety and regulatory compliance to vegetarian and allied adherents. It always visualizes the potential and importance of quality certifications and processes specialized for the societies of the world. Not only in the FMCG sector but it also talks about sattvik tourism, hospitality & sattvic environment. At the end of the sign-in ceremony, Shri Abhishek Biswas (Founder ) put forward his thoughts by stating that

“The basic foundation of a new self-reliant country always comes from the youth of that country which nowadays neither have basic dispensable income today to bear their small expenses of daily lifestyle nor there is any institution which provides them basic knowledge to acquire those skills”

The presence of Prof. Jyoti Rana, Associate Professor Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Dean Academic Dr. As Sarkar, Dean Prof. Rishipal, Assistant Deputy Director Ganesh Dutt, Network Administrator Praveen Kumar, Assistant Deputy Director Graphics Dr. Nikhilesh Sharma from the University Role played an effective role in bringing this Memorandum of understanding on floor. Apart from that along with Mr. Abhishek Biswas (Founder) his team members were also present in the ceremony which included Co -Founder Mrs. Renu Kadayan, Coo. Mr.Tarun Khanna, Project Head Mr. Monu Gupta, Senior Analyst Ms. Pratishtha Awasthi and Senior Analyst Ms. Purva Sharma.

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