Max Hospital Patparganj, New Delhi launches fortnightly OPD services for thoracic surgery in Meerut

Max Hospital Patparganj, New Delhi

Meerut, 15th April 21: With decades of excellence in providing quality healthcare services across North India, Max Hospital Patparganj, New Delhi has launched its OPD services for thoracic surgery at Max Med Centre/ Patient Assistance Centre, Shree Diagnostics, Meerut, today.

The OPD services will be functional on 3rd Thursday of every month from 10 AM to 1 PM, focusing primarily on the tertiary care for pulmonary related ailments and thoracic surgery. Doctors from Max Hospital Patparganj will be present in order to provide tertiary care since many patients have been devoid of reaching out to expert opinion amid the pandemic and lockdown.

With the launch of these OPD services, the local residents will be highly benefitted in terms of reduced travel for primary consultations and expert opinion due to the availability of specialist doctors in Meerut.

Thoracic Surgery involves surgery of lungs, chest wall, mediastinum and esophagus, i.e noncardiac chest surgery. The spectrum of diseases treated under thoracic surgery are complications arising from tuberculosis infection in lungs like tuberculous cavity with fungal ball, pus in chest, narrowing of wind pipe, air leak from lungs, fluid accumulation around lungs, other non-tuberculous diseases like cancer of wind pipe, lungs, food pipe and chest wall, hernia involving diaphragm, weakening of diaphragm.

“Making rapid evolution in the last few years, the robotic technique in thoracic surgeries have progressively become widespread particularly for the treatment of the mediastinal and pulmonary lesions. Patients afflicted with any complication in the chest & pulmonary system, the developments made in this field has better outcomes in intraoperative and post-operative results. There is an increase in the number of patients with end stage pulmonary diseases in the past few years, requiring a lung transplant. The life expectancy in end stage lung diseases is dismal and the lung transplantation is the ‘Gold Standard’ to provide long term survival in these patients. In comparison to open surgeries done in the past, the advanced thoracic robotic surgeries have paved way to safety and improved quality of life even in most complex cases.” Said Dr Pramoj Jindal, Director of Thoracic & Robotic Thoracic Surgery at Max Hospital Patparganj, New Delhi.

Lung Cancer is one of the most common cancers in India and has emerged as Global Killer. According to the GLOBOCAN 2020 report – Lung cancer ranked fourth overall among the various types of cancer in India; in males, it ranked second while in females it was sixth in terms of cancer incidence. The incidence of lung cancer is increasing each year with the trends in India following its global counterpart.

Low awareness around its occurrence and delayed recognition of symptoms (often misunderstood as TB) often pushes this life-threatening and rather aggressive cancer to the brim in most patients. Also, the common belief that a stage IV lung cancer patient can survive only for a few months post diagnosis, is gradually changing with advancement in treatment techniques. With time, there has been a better understanding of the biology of the disease, with screening protocols put in place to detect the signs of lung cancer at an early stage. It is therefore important that the right amount of awareness is created to bring down fatalities, as much as possible.

“Health is one of the most important resource in human life and maintaining it is the toughest challenge in present world. Food, pollution, life style, bacteria, viruses every one of these is enemy to our good health. During COVID times, it has become even more difficult to care for good health. Most importantly lungs are very sensitive organs and get affected commonly. Due to lockdown, travel restrictions hurdles, agitations and road blocks access to better healthcare had become more challenging. Therefore, to reach out to the suffering patient and provide tertiary level healthcare, our team of experts will be coming regularly to Meerut centre and try helping the suffering patients crippled due to such issues.” Added Dr Jindal.

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