In corona pandemic World Heart Day is a necessity to celebrate every day in every house in India!!

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Mumbai- In this indescribable time, intact India is in trouble, 80 % of medical facilities and frontline workers (Corona Warriors) are putting their lives on the line each day, and they go out to battle the common enemy Coronavirus (Covid-19). Today every heart patient lives in fear. If I get infected then what will happen with me? On the occasion of World Heart Day (29th September 2020), we must try to understand, if you or anyone else has pre-existing cardiovascular issues and how coronavirus poses certain, increased risks owing to the same.

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Dr. Mahesh Ghogare Senior Cardiologist, International Associate Member of American College of Cardiology, Fellow Vascular Interventions from Terna speciality Hospital & Research Centre, Nerul said, “Primary, the oxygen levels in the body will naturally fall when infected with a respiratory sickness and then, the inflammatory nature of COVID-19 will cause a drop in blood pressure. Naturally, the heart will have to beat and pump harder; in both scenarios in order to supply oxygen to the body. This can become serious in cases with cardiovascular issues. The aged people are most vulnerable and this is even more so in the case of elderly people with cardiovascular disease. The same applies to pregnant women. Patients with serious heart problems like heart failure dilated cardiomyopathy; to name a few, are at highest risk. So we have to understand this is an anxious time for everyone and on this occasion of World Heart Day, I would like to say we must celebrate World Heart day at our home not only today but every day to cope with the uncertainties surrounding a pandemic that none of us was prepared for only a few months ago. So eat well, regularly and healthily, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly at least for 15 to 20 minutes, use virtual methods of socialising. Most people that get COVID-19 have a mild viral illness including sore throat, cough and aches and pains and a fever, but some people (up to 5%) develop a chest infection/pneumonia. We are not yet certain if people with heart conditions are more likely to get a chest infection with COVID-19, but it is likely since they do get chest infections with other viruses like the flu”

We don’t know yet. The current research shows that most people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection have antibodies to the virus in their blood. However, it remains unclear whether all COVID-19 survivors develop strong enough antibodies to protect them from catching the virus another time. There is ongoing research to find out more about antibodies and immunity to COVID-19.

Furthermore, there are examples of viruses, like flu and the common cold, which can be caught more than once because of the way the virus changes over time. We won’t know for a while whether this can happen with COVID-19. Therefore, even if you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection, please continue to take general protective measures such as social distancing, using a face mask and washing hands frequently and appropriately to prevent infection especially heart patients, added by Dr Mahesh Ghogare, Senior Cardiologist from Terna speciality Hospital & Research Centre.

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