For Dads with Diabetes: Tips for effective management

Dads with diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires lifelong management. According to a National Library of Medicine study, diabetes is more prevalent in males (2.3%), as compared to females (1.4%). Recent studies also show that by the year 2025, almost a third of Indian population can end up with diabetes[1]. Numerous factors are associated with diabetes such as genetics, environmental conditions, lifestyle patterns, eating habits and obesity. As we age, the changes in body composition and insulin resistance result in dysregulation of physiological pathways that lead to obesity and diabetes. Today, there are fathers who are living each day with diabetes themselves.

Dr. Sunil Bohra, Senior Consultant – Internal Medicine, Diabetology and Non-Invasive Cardiology, Hosmat Hospitals, Bengaluru, said, “Managing type 2 diabetes means making lifestyle changes, taking medications and checking blood glucose levels – all of which require planning. Technologies play a vital role in diabetes management as they help do this better. It is therefore important to have a plan that works best, be it calendarizing their medication schedule or setting reminders on their smartphones.”

With the generation of role reversals, where children are taking care of parents, here are simple ways that can help children take care of their pre-diabetic or diabetic fathers.

1.Building a workout regime: Studies have shown that people with diabetes are overweight, which is also responsible for the increased risk of atherosclerosis-related complications like heart attack, stroke or kidney disease in them[2]. Ensuring regular physical activities like swimming, cycling, jogging, aerobics etc. can be helpful. The best way to manage diabetes is by staying active.

2.Avoid refined sugars: Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, juices, sweets, candy etc. are sugars that are highly refined and have the tendency to spur the glucose levels in one’s body. Avoiding such products and instead consuming natural sugars for a sweet tooth is advised.

3.Regularly monitoring your glucose levels: Glucose testing is key for managing diabetes. With busy lifestyles, it becomes difficult to keep a check on glucose levels. A continuous glucose monitoring device like the prick-free FreeStyle Libre allows one to freely go about the day and check your glucose levels with a simple scan. Monitoring glucose levels also helps with ideal meal plans, workout routines and a healthy lifestyle.

4.Manage your stress: Being a father is one of the greatest responsibilities of a man’s life. As much as you work hard to look after your children and family, it is equally important to find time for yourself. Stress has been seen to contribute to the release of various hormones that can elevate glucose levels. Inculcating mindful practices like yoga and meditation is very important that would help lower your stress levels.

5.Improve testosterone levels: A study suggests that an imbalance of testosterone levels in the male body can lead to diabetes[3]. Maintaining an appropriate level of hormones can help decrease the risk of diabetes altogether. Foods rich in Vitamin D and Zinc help improve testosterone levels and male fertility.

6.Quit smoking: Tobacco and toxins in cigarette smoke can worsen the control of diabetes. This combination of smoking and high glucose levels can cause vascular damage and increase the risk of early mortality in people with diabetes due to heart attack, stroke or kidney disease.

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