“All addictions are rendered powerless in front of kindness and self-forgiveness”, says Kartik Naidu, Transpersonal Therapist and Trainer, Green Aura Holistic

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Drug Abuse and Addiction is a recurring condition that compels the urge of the consumption of drugs. It is compulsive and/or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences. The initial phase of drug consumption can be voluntary for some people. The pattern of drug abuse in India has changed over the years. The current scenario is even worse.

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Drug addiction can be defined as a progressive condition that compels people to lose control over themselves despite the consequences of that use. It can be life-threatening. Addictions is not necessarily based on will-power or one’s morality. Addiction is a compelling and complicated disease. People who have an addiction to drugs cannot simply quit even if they are willing to. The drugs change the dynamics of the brain in a way that makes quitting physically and mentally challenging. Treating addiction often necessitates lifelong supervision and therapy.

When asked about the drug abuse and how one can control it, Mr. Kartik Naidu, Transpersonal Therapist and Trainer, Green Aura Holistic, said, “I believe addiction problems happen because of a massive emotional gap amongst people, something that they want to fix through a pleasure reward strategy. Substances give a temporary euphoria and gush of hormones as the dopamine, endorphin, glutamate which make one feel on top of the world for a while but it is temporary and soon the degree of pleasure derived from the same quantity will reduce further soon the pleasure will disappear and all that will be strange mathematics; if you take it, you will have no pleasure, if you don’t take there will be misery and pain.”

He further added, “By making your emotional immunity stronger & healing your traumatic experience is key. All addictions are rendered powerless in front of kindness and self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness and forgiving others must become a daily practice. If you have addiction problems then it would be only wise to not focus on addiction but to continue the corrective practices. The positive and healing practices will create new neural pathways which will overpower the habits of addiction.”

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