Pranoti Pradhan on ‘Ishq Jabariya’ Role: Mastering a Bihari Accent Was Challenging

Pranoti Pradhan

Pranoti Pradhan, a versatile actor renowned in the Marathi and Gujarati entertainment industry, has taken on an exciting role in Sun Neo’s New show ‘Ishq Jabariya.’ In the show, she portrays Madhumita, Gulki’s stepmother, who tries to control Gulki and prevent her from following her dreams. She recently discussed her motivations for joining the show and the challenges she sportingly overcame.

Revealing what excited her to take up the role, Pranoti shared, “When I consider a new role, I look for something meaty and worth my time and effort. The character needs to have depth, especially when it requires long hours and extensive travel. When I received the audition script for my role in Ishq Jabariya, I was immediately drawn to it. I play Madhumita, who is a strong woman from Bihar who forces young men into marriage—a real ‘Dabangg’ lady. They even suggested I ride a bullet bike for the role, which added to its appeal.”

Talking about the challenges she faced, Paronti added, “As a Maharashtrian, I had never used a Bihari accent or language before. It was both stressful and challenging, but it excited me. The curiosity to wake up every morning and explore something new was energizing. I wanted to see how much I could push myself as an actor to play a Bihari character.”

“Ishq Jabariya” is a touching love story about Gulki, a lively young woman who dreams of becoming an air hostess. Despite facing tough times with her mean stepmother, Gulki stays hopeful and positive. Her journey is full of unexpected events, and she might even find love where she least expects it. The series features Kamya Panjabi, Siddhi Sharma, and Lakshya Khurana in key roles and promises a tale of strength, surprises, and the magic of love.

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