OMTV Premieres the Much-Awaited Decoding Sikhism: Unveiling the Essence of Faith

Om Tv Final Logo India, June 2023: OMTV, the only OTT network to exclusively showcase content about India’s rich, diverse Sanatan culture, is now ready to embark on a new chapter with the launch of the series – ‘Decoding Sikhism: Unveiling the Essence of Faith’. The five-episode series is exclusively available on OMTV and will delve into the various aspects of Sikhism.

OMTV is known for its elaborative style, and through this series, the viewers will be able to implore the finer intricacies of Sikhism. Each episode will showcase various facets of Sikhism, with a spotlight on the revered Guru Granth Sahib to the ten Gurus who have shaped the religion.

According to Mr. Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder & MD of OMTV, “OMTV has started with the objective of bringing to the fore the key beliefs and diverse aspects of our culture and heritage. We have been fortunate to have the love and support of our audience. With this new series, ‘Decoding Sikhism: Unveiling the Essence of Faith,’ we are bringing to the front the core beliefs and principles of Sikhism and touching upon its rich history, spirituality, and social teachings. We are confident our viewers will resonate with this series’s honest and contemporary storytelling”.

OMTV has captured a loyal user base in a short span of time through its well-researched shows and immersive storytelling. Through ‘Decoding Sikhism: Unveiling the Essence of Faith,’ the OTT platforms are taking the legacy a step ahead. The series will give users a deeper understanding of the religion and its various constituents. Given the interest in the subject and the hype that it has garnered, OMTV has already started prepping for the second season of the Decoding Sikhism series, and it will be available for streaming shortly.

In the upcoming season, the viewers will be able to delve deeper into the teaching of Sikhism. After establishing the foundation, the forthcoming season will highlight the other known and unknown aspects of Sikhism. Sikhs are known for their selfless acts, such as seva (selfless service) and langar (community kitchen). Viewers will be able to learn more about these aspects and have a comprehensive understanding of the faith.

OMTV in its endeavour to offer users diversified content, will soon stream a ten-episode series dedicated to Jainism. The series has been titled “Decoding Jainism.” and will focus on tenets of this religion and enable viewers, Jain community members, and enthusiasts to know more about their faith’s rich heritage. Taking a cue from the current series, Decoding Jainsism will also implore various core aspects, such as the principle of ahimsa (non-violence), the concept of anekantavada (multiple perspectives), and other beliefs and practices that define this religion.

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