3 Ekka’ shatters collection records at the Gujarati Box Office

Gujarati Box OfficeThe newly released social comedy ‘3 Ekka’ (Tron Ekka) has created history by garnering record-breaking collections at the box office, making it one of the most successful blockbusters in Gujarat. This huge success has also resulted in ‘3 Ekka’ breaking several major records, including becoming the first Gujarati film to achieve the highest opening day collection, the highest weekend collection, and the highest first-week collection in the state. According to the latest trade reports, the film produced by Anand Pandit and Vaishal Shah took only 20 days to surpass these landmarks and continues to run successfully in nearly 250 theatres with over 800 shows per day.

“We are truly delighted with the reception we’ve received at the box office. I firmly believe that film production entails more than just creating a movie and releasing it in theatres; it’s akin to celebrating storytelling, the magic of cinema, and the joy of family-friendly entertainment. The theme of ‘Tron Ikka’ has struck a chord with the audience because it has ample humour and also a great deal of suspense and intrigue. Witnessing this wholesome entertainer break records fills me with immense happiness,” says Anand Pandit.

Meanwhile, Vaishal Shah, who produced the movie with Mr. Pandit, attributed the film’s success to its ability to meet the audience’s expectations. He also expressed their continued commitment to promoting Gujarati culture and language through new themes. “The huge success of 3 Ekka motivates us to continue pushing the creative envelope in the Gujarati film industry,” said Mr. Shah.

To celebrate the tremendous success of the movie, the producers hosted a grand party in Ahmedabad the other day. The event was attended by the entire star cast, key crew members, and the production team.

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