MRG School’s two-day Wicket-keeping camp saw the attendance of players from all across India

MRG School’s two-day Wicket-keeping camp saw the attendance of players from all across India

MRG School, Rohini organised a two-day Wicket-keeping camp on 4th & 5th June with a renowned cricket player, Mr. Mohan Chaturvedi training students and sharpening students’ overall on-field wicket keeping skills on the cricketing ground. Mr Akhil, MRG’s Cricket Coach also checked progress of players and gave them tips to bring their A-game on the field.

The camp got so popular that as many as 70 students from all across India visited the MRG School to learn the minute yet essential intricacies of different roles in the cricket field. The student dripped in sweat pours, but their excitement levels were over the moon, under the sun.

Celebrated sports journalist Vijay Lokapally also tweeted about the MRG wicket-keeping camp which saw participation from players from various states of India

Mr Mohan Chaturvedi was extremely warm, gentle, and encouraging towards the students. He helped them all in the exploring and honing their potential and also corrected their wrong precision or faulty stance whenever required. He also praised the students for their superb dedication and sportsmanship and appreciated the school for giving equal importance to sports with academic learning. He emphasised that these kinds of training camps empower students to take up sports as their passion and career in life

Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, said “It was a cherishable experience for the students to learn new tricks of wicket keeping from Mr Chaturvedi. Many state players from Sikkim, Manipur, Patna, Gurugram, Noida, and Delhi also joined the camp to improve their technique. It was wonderful to see such gargantuan levels of passion and dedication among the students for cricket. MRG School has never underestimated the importance of sports and extra-curricular activities and always provided an impetus for students to exhort their full potential.”

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