MQDC India rolls out a corporate and cultural immersion programme for students of Bennett University in Thailand

MQDC India rolls out a corporate and cultural immersion programme

New Delhi: MQDC India recently organised a five-day immersion programme for the students of Bennett University. The programme was designed to provide a hands-on experience and hone industry-relevant skills in an academically stimulating environment. The purpose of the program was to emphasise the importance of fostering partnerships and gaining diverse cultural understanding. It provided a hands-on learning intervention to enable a strong understanding of a global economic environment.

The immersion experience was broken down into multiple categories to ensure holistic learning for the students. It included a robust amalgamation of theory and core concepts, interaction with industry experts, project site visits to the Whizdom Club, The Forestias, Icon Siam, RISC, Future Tales Lab (all crucial to the MQDC’s business operation), and a group project which required application of all the learning assimilated throughout the programme. Additionally, the students also received facetime with the leadership of the DTGO group who shared their insights about Thailand’s social, political, economic, and cultural developments.

“The programme was designed to serve as a short-term experiential learning intervention that allows the students to learn and explore new approaches to strategic thinking, and problem-solving. Besides seeing the corporate side of things, students were immersed in a new culture that allowed them to see the world from a different perspective. Through this programme, the students had the opportunity to learn about the socio-cultural and economic drivers, dividers, context, and complexity of building successful and sustainable businesses,” said Ms Chulamas Jitpatima, Country Director MQDC India. 

Dr Vinod Shastri, Head-Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Bennett University added, “Our students extracted immense value from the programme, inter-alia gaining deep insights into the vibrant Thai culture. Apart from experiencing their highly professional work culture, students were also exposed to the beautiful hospitality with a ready smile. All this is going to stand them in good stead going ahead. We look forward to taking this relationship deeper and wider.” 

The programme was designed, keeping in mind the need to develop crucial skills that are pre-requisites to building a successful business. While the programme’s key purpose was to ensure students develop a global business approach, other areas of key focus were service and experience design and social entrepreneurship. This links closely with the values of MQDC, which is dedicated to achieving holistic well-being for all.

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