Jaro Education witnesses a 256% hike in the average salary of learners, par excellence

CEO - Ms. Ranjita Raman

CEO - Ms. Ranjita Raman

National, June 2022: Jaro Education, India’s most trusted and leading Edtech firm, maintains an unwavering placement assistance record, with a projected highest salary of 69 lakhs and an average salary of 27 lakhs; paving new milestones in the current academic year.

Over 60+ companies across various sectors and industries from Finance, Marketing, IT, Data Science, Analytics & other Techno-functional came on board in the past two months. Working professionals and learners have started securing a majority of offers from top-tier and reputed companies, receiving enormous support and career assistance from Jaro Education’s core placement team.

Mehak Hundal, a learner pursuing the IIM Nagpur PG Certificate Programme in FinTech recently received a hike of 40% with HDFC Bank. “I started my career with a postal department to enhance my skills. I joined the IIM Nagpur Fintech course from Jaro. I was actively looking for a switch to corporate banking with help of the corporate placement team at Jaro Education I got the exact role which I was looking for. Currently working with HDFC bank as part of their digital sales team. IIM Nagpur Fintech and Jaro placement team helped me get a hike of 40% on my previous salary.”

Abhilekh Singh, a learner pursuing Advance Supply Chain Management from IIM Kozhikode said, “My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the placement department of Jaro Education for their efforts in imparting quality supervision throughout the interview process. I am very grateful to the Jaro Team for effectively and sincerely helping me with constant assistance throughout. Jaro Education has been a tremendous support with regards to placements and always lent a helping hand whenever we students had any issues with the companies coming in and what they expected out of us.”

“I always wondered how to get noticed by the companies nowadays. Getting a call from employers is a dream of many of us, job seekers like me. I realised that the first touch of contact is a job application which mainly includes sharing a resume thus I wanted to write in praise of your expertise in profile building. Team Jaro did a remarkable job of transforming my employment history into a beautifully formatted & persuasive resume that I feel more confident about now” said Neha Agrawal, a student pursuing PG Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation from IIM Nagpur.

Apart from the placement assistance, Jaro Education has a dedicated team to give 1:1 guidance for candidates’ profile building. The kind of flexibility they provide, i.e.; the service can be redeemed at any point (during or after the course), is unmatchable, including webinars and networking opportunities by the alumni portal. Jaro Education always believes in fostering long-term relationships, may it be with employees or learners. They also have a dedicated alumni platform where current cohorts can leverage the networking with the past learners.

Candidates always require more than a few opportunities to get their careers started. Jaro Education offers 3 to 5 opportunities on average to their learners, and this service is provided with 5 to 6 rounds of personalized assistance. Furthermore, Jaro Education has opened up new doors for candidates from companies such as Ernst & Young, DE Shaw & Co., London Stock Exchange, ITC InfoTech, and many more for positions such as Investment Banker, Business Analyst, Credit Risk Analyst, Software Developer, Marketing Lead (VP), etc.

Jaro Education not only provides learners with opportunities for career transition but also for advancement within the organization.

A professional, Satyajit Sutradhar expressed his views, “I enrolled in the 2nd batch for Business Analytics Course from IIM Tiruchirappalli. Jaro’s team helped with the application process and made the procedure smooth. The learnings have been great, and the professors have done justice to the course even with less time in hand. They have duly touched on the majority of the topics that helped us gain lots of knowledge in the Analytics field, and we were able to explore the various use cases with examples from the industry. The course is balanced for professionals who would want to pursue their career in Business Analytics. The placement Assistant from Jaro’s team assisted me in updating my CV in a more professional format. And Jaro has taken the initiative to help comb through their job profiles.”

“I am currently pursuing a course from Jaro Education on Digital Strategies from IIM Nagpur. An Assistant Manager – Placement Assistant briefed me about placement assistance services, including profile building and job recommendations. One day I reached out to the Jaro Education team for the cover letter preparation for the upcoming promotion; with their dedicated guidance, I could present myself better than other candidates and got the promotion along a good hike. I highly recommend both of them for any services related to profile building.” said, Tarun Khokhar a student pursuing PG Certificate Programme in Digital Strategies & Marketing Analytics from IIM Nagpur.

Ms Ranjita Raman, CEO of Jaro Education, said, “We believe in providing quality resources for professionals that allow them to find diverse opportunities, connect with meaningful work and grow from their experiences in order to set them up for success in the future. To confer the aspiring professionals across the nation with the opportunity to learn new skills, expand their talents and position themselves for long, prosperous careers is something we plan on doing.”

Whether a student is working towards higher education, job employment or entrepreneurial opportunities, Jaro Education supports their every endeavour. The prerequisite of having a location where students can experience profound personal growth and invaluable knowledge beyond enumerable. Jaro Education has now assisted over 1000 students in the previous fiscal year.

The Edtech pioneer aspires to expand its track record by building successful intellectual experiences so that everybody gets the opportunity to reach their full potential through high-quality and affordable executive education program portfolios. The firm bridges the skill gap by bringing world-class programs from top-tier universities to assist learners in raising their calibre.

Earlier, Jaro Education exceptionally closed FY 21-22 with an almost 710% year-on-year jump in its profit and 125% in revenue. And a remarkable growth, Jaro Education is marking a growth of 125 per cent in its top line and a 368 per cent growth in EBITDA. Additionally, its learner base has also increased significantly in FY 2021-22.

Disclaimer: Past record is no guarantee of future job prospects

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