Ariel University Celebrates Dr. Chaya Keller’s Krill Award Win

Dr. Chaya Keller with Professor Idit Sohlberg - Vice Rector of Ariel University after receiving her award

20 June 2024

Ariel, Israel – Ariel University proudly announces that Dr. Chaya Keller, a distinguished member of the School of Computer Science, was awarded the prestigious Krill Prize by the Wolf Foundation. This recognition celebrates Dr. Keller’s significant contributions to the fields of discrete and computational geometry.

A Remarkable Achievement

Dr. Chaya Keller’s extensive and ground-breaking research achievements are recognized globally. Her work provides mathematical insights that have practical applications, such as optimizing cellular antenna spectrum research to ensure optimal cellular reception and locating COVID-19 patients while maintaining their privacy.

Dr. Keller’s notable accomplishments include being part of an international team that solved the Ringel problem, a mathematical challenge in graph theory that had remained unsolved for 60 years. Among her other achievements, Dr. Keller has contributed significantly to Krasnoselskii numbers, Helly-type theorems, and the theory of geometric graphs.

Balancing Excellence and Family

In addition to her professional success, Dr. Keller is a mother of 11 children. She emphasizes the importance of finding harmony between her family life and academic pursuits. Dr. Keller shared, “My passion for research drives me to make significant contributions while also dedicating time to my family. It’s a fulfilling journey that requires careful balance, but it’s incredibly rewarding.”

Dr. Keller’s academic journey is equally impressive. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Bayit Vegan College in Jerusalem, a Master’s and Doctoral degrees from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a postdoctoral degree from Ben Gurion University, and is a research fellow at the Technion. Her dedication extends beyond her research, as she actively promotes girls’ participation in mathematics and has developed courses for training mathematics teachers.

A Celebration of Excellence and Diversity at Ariel University

Professor Albert Pinhasov, Rector of Ariel University, expressed his admiration and pride: “Dr. Chaya Keller’s achievement is a testament to the high calibre and diversity of researchers at Ariel University. Her success underscores our commitment to fostering an environment where academic excellence and innovative research thrive. We are immensely proud of Dr. Keller and encourage more talented researchers to join us in our mission to push the boundaries of knowledge.”

Encouraging Future Researchers

Ariel University is committed to nurturing talent and supporting ground-breaking research across diverse fields. The success of researchers like Dr. Keller highlights the university’s dedication to excellence and innovation. We invite aspiring researchers to explore the opportunities at Ariel University, where they can contribute to impactful research and be part of a vibrant academic community.

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