Transport Corporation of India Ltd. announces Results for Q2 and H1/FY’23

Transport Corporation of India Ltd

Gurugram/ Mumbai, November 2022: India’s leading integrated supply chain and logistics solutions provider, Transport Corporation of India Ltd., announced its financial results today for the Q2 and H1/FY ’23.

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Performance Highlights: H1 FY2023 vs. H1 FY2022 

▪ Revenue from operations of Rs. 1658 Crores, growth of 23% y-o-y

▪ EBITDA of Rs. 214 Crores compared to Rs. 186 Crores in H1 FY2022

▪ EBITDA margin at 12.92% compared to 13.82% in H1 FY2022

▪ PAT of Rs. 134 Crores compared to Rs. 117 Cores in H1 FY2022


Performance Highlights: H1 FY2023 vs. H1 FY2022 

▪ Revenue from operations of Rs. 1836 Crores, growth of 21% y-o-y

▪ EBITDA of Rs. 236 Crores compared to Rs. 198 Crores in H1 FY2022

▪ EBITDA margin at 12.86% compared to 13.02% in H1 FY2022

▪ PAT of Rs. 151 Crores compared to Rs. 124 Cores in H1 FY2022

Commenting on the result, Mr. Vineet Agarwal, Managing Director TCI stated, “In Q2 & HY FY23, the company demonstrated consistent performance. Focus on core business fundamentals coupled with rising demand in the automobile and consumption sectors enabled all business segments to deliver satisfactory results despite inflationary pressure.

The company remains uniquely positioned in tapping high-growth segments through its extensive multimodal network, customized service offerings, and investments in the right technology, and automation.

Further, the launch of the National Logistics Policy along with the earlier announced PM Gati Shakti framework would be instrumental for a push towards seamless multimodal transportation and modern connectivity, increased digitization, and standardization to make our country’s logistics efficient and competitive.  TCI continues to invest strongly on all these themes for strong growth over the years.

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