Neolacta Lifesciences launches India’s first free lactation consultation helpline dedicated to mothers

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Mumbai/Bangalore, January 2023: NeoLacta Lifesciences – India’s only ISO 22000 and GMP-certified Human Milk Facility – the first company in India and Asia to have developed a state-of-the-art human milk processing facility, today announced the setting up of a national toll free breastfeeding/lactation consultation helpline. People can call on 1800-419-2199 to avail benefits of this helpline.

This initiative aims to reduce the gaps in breastfeeding practices in the country. According to a survey conducted by Momspresso it was found, that 70% of mothers reported having problems with breastfeeding at 3 days postpartum. The Mylo survey in India revealed that breastfeeding presents major challenges for over 83% of mothers. Almost 50% of nursing mothers surveyed expressed facing physical difficulties in their breastfeeding journey.

Global studies indicate that 51.4 of preterm infants had delayed lactogenesis. (Ref: Dong, D., Ru, X., Huang, X. et al. A prospective cohort study on lactation status and breastfeeding challenges in mothers giving birth to preterm infants. Int Breastfeed J 17, 6 (2022).

Mothers need constant support for initiating and continuing breastfeeding. Not all nursing homes and maternity centers house qualified lactation consultants to support mothers during the postpartum period. Most mothers get conflicting advice from healthcare providers, family, and peers, leading to confusion and following wrong practices.

The lactation consultation helpline aims to provide mothers with accurate and reliable medical advice by clearing all doubts and confusion in mother’s minds. The helpline is backed by certified and experienced lactation consultants. The service is available 10 am to 6 pm, Mon to Sat.

It will also be a tool to support doctors in providing lactation consultation to the mothers delivering at their facility.

Commenting on the launch, Sunil Kumar, Country GM Neolacta Lifesciences said “We are happy to launch this lactation consultation helpline which we feel will go a long way in addressing the challenges related to breastfeeding in India. Breastfeeding is a divine act and is the right of every child. At Neolacta, we are committed to providing access to mother’s milk to every possible child ensuring they get the right nutrition early on to lead a healthy life and contribute towards a healthy society.”

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