Mr. Yashovardhan Birla, Chairman – Birla Group

Mr. Yashovardhan Birla, Chairman – Birla Group

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey?
As a kid, I always used to visit my father’s office. When I was a teenager, after college, I used to learn the basics of business because this really helps you to be aware of every little aspect of it. After the sudden and tragic death of my family in 1990, I had to take over the family business at the young age of 22. Under the guidance of advisors and family members, I began my entrepreneurial journey. Even notable businessmen like Mr Aditya Birla, Mr Rahul Bajaj and many more guided me through the path of my entrepreneurial journey. All of this had a profound impression on me and instilled in me excellent values, as well as a realisation that visionaries like them have a 360-degree personality that we admire and treasure now and in the future.

What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
When I returned from the United States in 1990, having completing myMBA Degree at University of North Carolina, my relatives supported me in running our business. They had a significant impact on my life and what really helped me get through it was working on my body and mind. The level of attention, effort, dedication, and consistency that I put into fitness has helped me in other aspects of my life, such as the workplace, relationships, and interactions with others. It improves your self-esteem, makes you healthier, and aids in the proper working of your brain. If your physical health is good, having a healthy body and great physique brings you a lot of confidence when you enter a room.

What made you lean towards the health and wellness industry?
As the industry is a separate topic, I have always been passionate about health and wellness because I think a comprehensive complete lifestyle can only be enjoyed as long as you have health and wellness as one of your focuses in life. You would not be able to perform well and think with clarity unless you live healthily. I postulate that health and wellness are an integral part of life that everybody should focus on.
If an industry is financially viable and driven by passion, then it should be pursued. The whole health and wellness market is getting increasingly congested with brands — from small, family-owned businesses to international corporate behemoths putting their toes in — the demand for highly competent executives has never been higher. During the Covid era, this field was unquestionably redefined. People who want to stay in shape at home have found a market. When the entire globe is realising that health and holistic livings are a component and requirement of day-to-day existence, including things like Pranayam and meditation, as well as weight training, cardio, aerobics, and other such exercises. Even all the doctors in the world are advising people to help fight problems like blood pressure, heart problems, mental issues, or diabetes, they should exercise daily. All of these reasons make the health and wellness industry relevant and connect with my passion.

One mantra that you follow in life?
The one mantra that I have always followed in life is that ‘Consistency is key’. When it comes to achieving goals, whether in or out of the gym, consistency is undoubtedly the most critical factor. Programs become disorganised without consistency, the body has a harder time responding, and building habits become difficult. A commitment to a regular training routine will improve your fitness, health, and emotional well-being.
Our thinking can be our worst adversary. It believes it is helping us, yet negative thoughts can become habitual (and more repetitive than we realize). They can wreck havoc on our motivation and ambitions if we’re not careful.
Whenever I feel unmotivated to work out, I push myself, and within 10 minutes of entering the gym, I see a sudden shift in my mood. Our thinking can be our worst adversary. It believes it is helping us; yet negative thoughts can become habitual. They can wreak havoc on our motivation and ambitions if we are not careful.

We have heard that you have come up with a book based on wellness and lifestyle – tell us more about it?
“Building The Perfect Body” is written by me, but it is not just a fitness book. Instead, it is an exploration of my whole fitness journey. It focuses on one basic but crucial concept: fitness isn’t only a physical game; it’s also a mental one. I have shared the knowledge that I have acquired over the two decades of my fitness journey. This book is my earnest endeavour to share my experiences with individuals who want to find life-affirming solutions and achieve their objectives. This book includes instructions for exercises that target each major muscle group as well as other essentials. You can use this book as a blueprint to help you plan a physical and spiritual journey that is perfect for you.

What is your idea behind this book, and what is the key message that you want to give?
With so many trends emerging every other day and potentially dangerous “fads” beginners can face an information overload. My philosophy is based on a set of fundamental rules, ideas, and notions concerning the human body, physiology, and how it responds to exercise, nutrition, and rest. The only challenging aspect of exercising is implementation. The most difficult task for any fitness enthusiast is to keep motivated while dealing with low results, performance plateaus, sluggish responses, injuries, and other challenges, that come with age and various body types. I hope that this book will provide all the answers to people’s questions, along with the science, training, and nutrition for every level of fitness that needs to be attained.

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