MG Changemakers Season 4 celebrates eco-warrior Monisha Narke for her relentless efforts towards creating decentralised waste management solutions


Mumbai, 06, October 2022: MG Motor reaffirms its continuing commitment to honoring sustainable and innovative efforts that assist underserved communities through collective empowerment. The MG Changemakers initiative, now in its fourth season, recognizes and honors Monisha Narkefor her commitment towards enhancing eco-consciousness in India. She is making a considerable impact with her ‘for-profit social enterprise’, RUR Greenlife.

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Monisha Narke was born in Mumbai and earned her MS degree from Stanford University, USA. When she returned to her home upon the completion of her studies, she found herself quite perturbed by the humungous quantities of waste that was created in the city, and the conventional waste management methods being followed which did the environment more harm than good. She decided to do something about India’s growing waste problem and went on to found RUR, an NGO with the vision to educate citizens on how they can effectively manage waste with small steps. The name of the NGO, RUR is a shortened version of ‘Are you Reducing, Reusing, Recycling?’. In 2010, Monisha Narke converted her initiative to a for-profit social enterprise and founded RUR Greenlife. The company aims at promoting decentralized and sustainable waste management solutions. The venture also collaborated with Tetra Pak India and launched a flagship program named ‘Go Green with Tetra Pak’, under which used Tetra Pak cartons were collected and transformed into products such as garden benches, school desks, coaster trays, pen stands, etc. The initiative was recognized by the Limca Book of Records 2013 for its innovation. Both Monisha and RUR Greenlife have received recognition at various international and national awards including India’s Entrepreneur of the Year and the International Excellence Award for Composting Technology. The extent to which Monisha’s efforts are driving change in Mumbai and beyond make her a prime example of the wonders which can come forth when passion and focus are combined behind the singular mission of facilitating green practices.

MG Changemakers is a community initiative that recognizes and honors the determined and courageous women who defy all odds to make a difference in society through innovation. This year, Season 4 of MG Changemakers directs a special focus on sustainability and highlights MG’s undying commitment to creating a positive society for all.

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