India’s only protein water Aquatein set to be your healthy beverage companion this summer


April 2022, National – The weather has definitely gotten hotter and dryer and what better way than to hydrade with a much needed Protein Water! Yes, you read that right – a cooling hydrating delicious fruit water infused with something we constantly lack – protein.

Goodness of protein in a hassle free refreshing form was the NEED & the PASSION for fitness is what led Ananth B Prabhala to create AQUATEIN – India’s First Protein Water. A product to help strike a balance between daily life and the nutrition one needs to keep up with it. Recently backed by Suniel Shetty as investor and Brand Ambassador, Aquatein is here to drive the summer heat away all the while nourishing and replenishing your protein intake!

“We are extremely pleased to align ourselves with Suniel Shetty who is the epitome of fitness at any age and believes in our core ethos of healthy and balanced nutrition and protein infusion,” said Ananth. 

Adequate hydration is the key to a healthier lifestyle. Merging that with a macronutrient one needs, creates a no-nonsense solution for everyone which is accessible, easy to consume, low on calories and shaker free.

Aquatein is Keto friendly, Gluten free, lactose free and 100% vegetarian. The hydrating and easy digesting protein refreshes and powers one through the day unlike most ready to eat proteins which ask you to consume loads of water after.

“Evolving and creating new frontiers is the key to success and we at Aquatein strive to bring innovative nutritional products to our consumers with one goal in mind – Simple and Effective Water based nutrition to every household across the country.” says, founder, Ananth.

An innovation that started with a simple goal in mind – helping people achieve their -protein intake levels. Team Aquatein had their bull’s-eye set on creating a beverage that has no carbs, no fat, no sugar, no hormones. Just the macronutrient your body needs and nothing else. The pursuit to create an evolution in protein products led to years of ideation, trials, research and development. Aquatein was carefully formulated and tested in a European lab led by a team of food technologists. Everyday nutrition needs to taste good too and therefore the team spent about eight months doing taste trials which yielded a product that is not only healthy for you, but also makes your taste buds happy.

“Conscious nutrition is especially relevant today when we are all fighting various new strains of Covid. Maintaining and strengthening our health and immunity is a priority – Aquatein is here to give the relevant protein intake that you may need.” says co-founder Mitisha Mehta. 

So – there you have it. So many reasons to stay cool and hydrate whilst upping that protein intake simply through ingesting copious amounts of delicious water? Given this heat wave, you had me at AQUA.

Aquatein is available online on, as well as on Amazon, HealthXP, Netmeds, and a fast growing list of retail outlets across India.

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