impak is launching the world’s first indices based on the ESG+impact assessment

Paris, Montreal, London, June 7th – impak Analytics is very proud to announce the launch of five first true impact indices and ETFs with its partners C5K and BITA, today at the London Stock Exchange. A truly historic moment for impact investing!

These indices are designed to help the financial sector build new products like ETFs and other structured products. They will enable investors to support positive change in five key areas: Green Energy & Technology, Sustainable Food & Biodiversity, Clean Water & Waste, Social & Economic Empowerment, and Health & Well-being.

Based on a double materiality approach, impak’s methodology is the most rigorous and efficient to ensure that only the companies with the greatest impact are selected for each index. Clients will be able to fully customize their index strategies using many approaches such as thematic screening, best-in-class, and exclusion for new product creation, direct indexing, or benchmarking.

“Thanks to CIRCA5000’s unique impact investment thesis in combination with our methodology, this partnership will enable the first truly sustainable investment products with positive impacts, without having to compromise on generating long-term financial returns.” said Paul Allard, CEO and co-founder of impak Analytics.

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