High Energy Dining spot House Of Mandarin’s New Menu promises to take you on a Chinese culinary adventure.

Rachel Goenka, Founder

22 November, Mumbai: Visiting your favorite restaurant that caters to your desire of indulging in some mouth-watering authentic Chinese dishes should definitely be on your ‘to-do list’ because Asian food does what no other cuisine can do – gives you that pick-me-up with its flavors, colors, and texture. Enter the ever-welcoming doors of the House Of Mandarin, and you will embark on a fine-dining journey that will leave you thoroughly pleased! With a long history, unique features, numerous styles, and exquisite cooking, House Of Mandarin’s Asian cuisine is one of the important constituent parts of a truly delicious gastronomic journey that is famous for its color, aroma, taste, meanings, and appearance. Moreover, House Of Mandarin is an upscale authentic Chinese restaurant with outlets in Bandra & Powai, Mumbai which allows the patrons to enjoy a mouthful of scrumptious Chinese delicacies and enables them to embark on a flavorsome journey of a lifetime!

Here’s a glimpse of the origin and impeccable growth of the House Of Mandarin over the years. HOM was inspired by the inception of tea traders from China coming down in the 1700s to trade with the East India Company, along with the Cantonese carpenters, Hakka shoemakers, tannery workers, Hubeinese dentists, and Shandong silk traders. The cuisine has also evolved as an undisputed sub-culture that is their own. House Of Mandarin is a subtle homage to the glorious ancestry of Chinese food in India. You will find the distinct nuances of the very authentic taste that has become an integral part of their cuisine today. And what’s more? House Of Mandarin is spearheaded by the well-renowned and gifted restaurateur, chef, author, and founder & CEO of The Chocolate Spoon Company, Rachel Goenka who runs a series of award-winning restaurants and patisseries in India, namely Sassy Spoon and Sassy Teaspoon. HOM’s first foray into Asian cuisine began with the launch of its initial outpost launched in Bandra back in 2017. After receiving an overwhelming response from numerous loyal customers, building popularity, and achieving immense success, the Powai outlet was launched in November 2019.

The iconic House Of Mandarin is a restaurant that stands out amidst the fusion concepts and Asian diners in the suburb with its exquisite cuisine that is a throwback to the rich Asian culture. Staying true to its name, House Of Mandarin is a description of the delightful Chinese cuisine they serve. The warm and cozy space sporting a palette of copper, gold, and terracotta, actually has a seating capacity of 100, from the clever way that it is spread out across different sections, including a private dining area for small groups. The signature décor element is the hand-painted murals by local artists, depicting various scenes from Chinese culture. The intricate ceiling with gold roping, dark rosewood furniture, dim lighting, and wooden and gold Chinese trellises create a happy space of Oriental charm and that peaceful, easy feeling.

As soon as you enter the elegant doors of the restaurant, you will be instantly enlightened with eccentric vibes, caramel hues, gleaming lights, soulful lanterns levitating from the ceiling, and vibrant furnishings that enhance the space. Aging modern and ochre walls contrast with quirky, edgy, intricate outlines and dynamically patterned fabric upholstery. So get ready to teleport to a place that screams ‘So Chinese!,’ as the warm and cozy seating areas will provide comfortable spaces for you to rest, relax or gather with friends and family. The restaurant’s exquisite floor plan forms an immediate impression of the overall ambiance. The tables are significantly spread out so that the guests are exposed to an intimate dining experience. The sophisticated and lively ambiance of the restaurant is the perfect setting to engage in some heart-warming encounters with your loved ones and embark on a one-of-a-kind gastronomical adventure as you fill your bellies and savor every flavor of the mouth-watering delights put together by the expert and artistic culinary team. In no time, House Of Mandarin has acquired a gratifying spot in the limelight as it is the hot favorite Chinese restaurant in Mumbai.

Shedding a light on the vision for HOM in the upcoming years and the determination behind making it a national brand, Rachel Goenka, elaborated, “There has been an increase in fun pan Asian dining spaces, with small plates becoming more of a focus creatively. So, we wanted to establish an innovative Pan-Asian, high-energy dining space where there’s a focus on craft cocktails and delicious food. HOM has always been heavy on dining and the shift in perspective from just a dine-in place to a high-energy dine-in space is a challenge. Therefore, we’re looking to establish the fact that you can also go to HOM to party and celebrate even your little victories.”

After spreading its wings over 5 years, House Of Mandarin has launched a new menu boasting one of the widest arrays of authentic Asian cuisines and an extensive selection of craft cocktails and mouth-watering desserts. The versatile Asian restaurant serves food that not only pleases the eye but also tastes good and soothes the soul. The menu includes flavorsome and delectable dishes comprising of soups, salads, hors d’oeuvres, dim sums, Cheung fun, sushi, rice & noodles, tantalizing mains, and toothsome desserts. Some of the must-have dishes are Edamame, Snow Peas & Green Beans Salad with Thai chili dressing, Turnip Cake with burnt garlic & scallions, and vegetables wrapped with iceberg lettuce, Chicken Coriander Dumplings, Crispy Broccoli Roll made with tempura fried broccoli and rolled with cream cheese & sriracha sauce, and mains such as Tenderloin in black pepper sauce, Glazed Lamb in chef’s special sauce, Prawns in red chili oil & spring onion, and Steamed Whole Pomfret with ginger & scallions amongst others. For your sweet tooth, you can indulge in a decadent Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse with raspberry sorbet, honeyed and moist Darsaan with vanilla ice cream, or a breathtaking Sticky Toffee Pudding with caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream & candied ginger.

House Of Mandarin’s new elaborate drinks menu promises to serve you the most delicious signature, old-fashioned, sparkling cocktails, and mocktails, along with non-alcoholic and aerated beverages such as fresh juices, teas, and more! You can start with a signature Mandarin Collins, a savory cocktail infused with gin, vodka, tequila, old monk, triple sec, citrus mix, and cola; or a Yin & Yang, concocted with vodka, triple orange liqueur, and sweet lime. Other delicious antidotes of choice also include Smokey Tengfei, generously blended with citrus vodka, dry vermouth, and homemade smoked gingerbread syrup, and Shoe-Ming, a smooth and exotic cocktail sealed with whiskey, crème de cocoa, crème de cassis, cranberries, and blueberries, amongst many more.

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