FinEdge Launches SheInvestsBest Campaign to Boost Women’s Financial Literacy and Investment


India, July 11th, 2024: FinEdge, India’s leading tech-enabled investment management company is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking campaign, #SheInvestsBest, aimed at creating awareness and fostering financial empowerment among women investors.

FinEdge recognizes the growing segment of women investors as more women join the workforce and seek to manage their investments independently. The #SheInvestsBest campaign is designed to address key considerations:

  • Gender Parity: Traditionally, men have been the primary decision-makers in households. With more women earning an independent income, they now seek greater autonomy in personal financial decisions.
  • Social Fabric: The changing social dynamics in India, with more women being single or marrying later, necessitate that women secure their financial future with their resources.
  • Access to Expertise: An investment expert acts as a coach, guiding investors through uncertainty. For women, aligning with experts who prioritize client interests is crucial.

A recent study by FinEdge highlights that-

  • Women set significantly higher individual goals for retirement, with an average goal size of ₹5.9 crores compared to men’s ₹3.48 crores.
  • Women also set larger individual goals for child education, with an average goal size of ₹0.58 crores compared to men’s ₹0.44 crores.
  • The average investment size of women investors is ₹4,69,953, while the average investment size of male investors is ₹4,07,663.
  • 67% of women have stayed invested for 3 years or more.
  • The percentage of women investors has increased from 25.68% in 2020 to 46.15% in 2024, demonstrating a significant narrowing of the gender gap in investment.

These insights highlight the strong participation, strategic financial planning, and resilience of women investors at FinEdge, emphasizing their focus on long-term goals, higher investment amounts, and early investment habits.

Speaking on the announcement of the campaign, Mr. Harsh Gahlaut, CEO, of FinEdge said, “We believe that empowering women with financial knowledge and resources is crucial for building a more inclusive and resilient investment landscape. The #SheInvestsBest campaign is a significant step towards achieving gender parity in financial decision-making and helping women secure their financial futures independently”.

The #SheInvestsBest campaign aims to bridge the awareness gap among women investors, helping them achieve their financial goals. This campaign targets thousands of women yet to embark on their investment journey towards financial independence. FinEdge’s ‘Dreams into Action’ (DiA) platform is an ideal tool for women investors, offering collaborative decision-making, customized plans, and promoting the right investment behavior for goal achievement.

The campaign also tackles several challenges women face:

  1. Lack of Financial Literacy: Provide necessary financial knowledge for informed investment decisions.
  2. Confidence Gap in Investing: Boost women’s confidence to invest successfully and independently.
  3. Time Constraints for Young Professionals: Highlight the importance of prioritizing investment despite busy schedules.
  4. Lack of Customization: Offer tailored investment roadmaps for unique needs and goals.
  5. Stereotypes and Societal Norms: Encourage women to actively participate in financial decisions, breaking societal barriers.
  6. Delay in Investing: Stress the importance of early investment decisions to achieve financial goals.

Addressing the importance of women’s financial independence, Radhika Gupta, Managing Director & CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund stated, “I am pleased to be a part of the #SheInvestsBest campaign by FinEdge. This initiative is a significant step towards empowering women to take control of their financial future with confidence. By providing expert guidance and fostering financial literacy, we can inspire more women to embark on their investment journey, achieve their financial goals, and ultimately, contribute to a more inclusive and diverse financial landscape”.

Through the #Sheinvestsbest campaign, FinEdge plans to address these challenges by focusing on education through various mediums like write-ups in independent online publications, social media campaigns, blog posts, and any online modes of reaching out to a larger audience of women investors. The campaign would endeavor to empower women to achieve their financial goals and create a larger set of informed and confident female investors.

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