Creating sensitivity among people, involving students and contributing in our own way in mitigating Climate change is need of hour.

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2022, the Environment Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised an Interactive Session with Shri Prakash Javadekar Ji, Hon’ble Member of Parliament & Former Cabinet Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change on 4th of June 2022 in hybrid mode .


Mr. Pradeep Multani, President, PHDCCI in his presidential address talked about the theme on which the World Environment Day 2022 is centred which is “Only One Earth” and how important it is to protect the Earth that sustains us. Further, he said that a close collaboration between the national and sub-national governments as well as a partaking involvement of all stakeholders and community is essential at this stage if we are to meet the sustainable development goals set for the country. Lastly, He talked about the pressing need for incorporating sustainability in Businesses in order to achieve the goal of green business.


Dr. J P Gupta, Chair, Environment Committee, PHDCCI while giving the welcome address talked about the importance of sustaining the earth now more than ever. He said that the new data released by the Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii shows that Carbon Dioxide level is the highest in human history in the month of May. It is now 50% higher than the pre-industrial average suggesting that there is more carbon dioxide than any time in 4 million years. Due to this Global temperatures are increasing at a higher rate. Further, he said that Global warming is geometric progression and not arithmetic progression. Therefore, we should all come together to take serious actions to save the Environment.   


Shri Prakash Javadekar Ji, Hon’ble Member of Parliament & Former Cabinet Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change in his address highlighted that emissions of carbon dioxide has significantly increased since the industrial revolution, impacting climate change. It has resulted into high number of floods,hurricanes,sea level rise, drought etc. He said, developed nations  are responsible for this and the damage done to the climate so far and  India’s contributions to climate Change is only  3 precent in this direction. There are some some significant steps taken by the Government to mitigate climate change like formation of international solar alliance, reclamation of desertified land, electronic vehicles and many other pacts and agreements have been signed with different countries. He urged developed countries to come forward and   provide  new technologies to the developing nation and collectively work for Environment development. He further emphasized on Creating sensitivity among people,  involving students and contributing in our own way in mitigating Climate change which is a need of hour. 


Ms. Sheelu Sagar, Assistant Controller of Examination, Amity University delivered an insightful presentation wherein she talked about the Impact of Yoga on quality of life of Employees for Environmental Protection. She said that Yoga teaches one a holistic vision of the world to live in harmony with ourselves, society and nature. It inspires one to shift away from the unsustainable practices to move towards inclusive green growth, belief in conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles. Further, she said that Yoga can help in environment protection and climate change by Building ethics, Refining behaviour and providing a sense of calm. Lastly, she said that Yoga & meditation are tools which can be utilised in restraining environment pollution. In this disbalanced world Yoga promises equilibrium in a world of excess.


Dr. Mamta Saxena, Director, Vedmurty Center for Innovative Research in Vedic Sciences (VCIRVeS) in her address talked about Yagya’s Effect on Air Pollution. She apprised all about the research study done in association with Central Pollution Control Board wherein it was found that performing Yagya has significant effects on Air Pollution, Bacteria and Total Pathogens. In her study it was found that there were drastic reductions in pathogens, bacteria and fungus and improvement in Air Quality when performed in an Indoor Setting and the Yagya performed was effective for a period of 7 days. Yagya performed in an open air outdoor setting also has similar results in improvement of air quality and reducing microbial pollution.  


Dr. Rohit Rastogi, Associate Professor, CSE Department, ABES Engineering. College, Ghaziabad through his presentation talked about Yagyopathy which is now being treated as therapy to cure diseases. He also talked about Yajna which is the basic foundation of Indian Culture performed by Rishi Muni to uplift common mass consciousness to heights. Further, he said that performing Havans is a best healing method for physical and mental illness and is also helpful in curtailing the electromagnetic radiations emitting from electronic gadgets.


Mr. Mahendra Rustagi, Co-chair, Environment Committee, PHDCCI while delivering the concluding remarks recited a small poem that he had written on the occasion of World Environment Day. Further, he thanked Shri Prakash Javadekar Ji and all the panellists and participants for attending the session.


The event was graced by the presence of Mr Saurabh Sanyal,  Secretary General PHDCCI .Dr. Chitra Rajagopal, Former DS and DG (R&M), DRDO and was attended by Industry stalwarts and experts from  all across India.


The Session was moderated by Ms. Kanchan Zutshi, Sr Secretary, PHDCCI. 

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