Covestro India Honours the Spirit of World Cleanup Day, and Reaffirms its Commitment to Circularity

Covestro Clean up
Mumbai: Covestro, a global leader in polymers, joined hands with United Way Mumbai to organize a ‘Plastic Waste Collection Drive’ on 12th September 2022. The drive was in support of United Way Mumbai’s ‘Mission Mangrove’- an initiative to restore the city’s distinctive mangrove cover, and part of Covestro’s own commitment to the ‘Clean4Change’ movement.
Kavita Desai
Mission Mangrove and its Importance
The mangrove eco-system, once a protective barrier against natural disasters, has been left fragile and vulnerable due to years of urbanization. Navi Mumbai, where the waste collection drive took place, is a city built largely on reclaimed land of seven islands. The humble mangrove not only supports indigenous bird and aquatic life but is also instrumental in preserving the integrity of shorelines- and thus the integrity of the city itself.
Covestro C4G
Clean4Change is a global movement initiated last year by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) to manage plastic waste through clean-up initiatives. Clean4Change has engaged with diverse audiences around the world, motivated them to pick up litter and clean up their surroundings. The movement has already been instrumental in picking up over 1.5 million pieces of litter.
Alliance to End Plastic Waste
Covestro’s commitment to cleaning plastic from the mangroves and its efforts towards Clean4Change is but part of its larger commitment to sustainability and a circular economy.
Covestro is a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), a collective effort by global leaders across the plastics value chain to facilitate plastic clean-up efforts, as well as inspire people to explore and deliberate the most effective interventions to incorporate it into a circular economy.
Covestro strongly believes that plastic waste is also a resource- and strives to innovate waste-to-value concepts into economically viable and sustainable solutions.
Covestro is also supporting AEPW’s All Together Global Cleanup campaign, a global initiative to remove litter from the environment, one piece at a time, on World Cleanup Day 2022
Kavita Desai, Head Corporate Communications and CSR at Covestro (India) Pvt. Ltd. commented, “With our world constantly changing, it becomes important to stay focused on the dual goals of working for the benefit of local communities and environments, and bringing about a truly circular economy through sustainable practices and manufacturing. Covestro continues to collaborate and invest itself in global movements such as Clean4Change because we inherently believe that sensitization and awareness can help in our efforts to craft a better tomorrow. It is important to gather local residents and work alongside them- reaffirming our commitment to what we stand for through practical and tangible work. Covestro will continue to do that, not just for World Cleanup Day, but for every single day.”

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