Convin Unveils Assisted Selling Platform for Enhancing Booking Rates for Hospitality Firms

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Bengaluru, August 3rd , 2022: Bengaluru-based, a leading AI-driven platform that reimagines virtual assisted selling for businesses, today announced that it has launched an AI-powered agent assist platform that automates agents’ training by accessing agents’ call skills and suggesting them with call recording from its library. Using the new platform not only can new agents be ramped up in one-third of the time, they can uncover winning trends, which leads to 25-30% improved bookings and 30% increase in CSAT. Convin’s agent assist platform for automating agent training and improving closure rate is supported by two pillars – 1. Automated quality management and 2. Call behaviour analysis. Automated quality management analysis scores the call based on the contact center’s responses, interruptions, and custom call parameters, which helps the agents uncover their skill gaps. Then the platform suggests call recordings for training. And Call behaviour analysis enabled by sentiment analysis helps uncover the outcomes of the deals(wins and losses). Convin’s AI-powered platform also has a proactive and a red alert mechanism, which are set for any custom topic and negative sentiment during the call.

Speaking on the platform, Bharat Patidar, Co-founder & COO, Convin, said, “Hospitality is a customer experience driven industry, where customers demand high quality and instant services. Any negative experiences not only leaves a bad impression but also negative word of mouth which impacts significantly. We help leaders understand how their interactions affect the end-users (customers), how they can improve to beat competition, increase bookings & gain positive word of mouth.”

As people booking trips and vacations surge with travel opening up, there is immense competition between hospitality players to improve their bookings to quickly recover the lockdown losses. It means that agents in the industry are loaded with calls. Dealing with customers to sell them packages or perhaps resolving issues at hand with a fast-tracked, scalable call monitoring system and training programs for understanding the changing buying trends are really the need of the hour. Archaic manual agent training techniques like call shadowing are time-consuming, end up costing players and lastly, difficult to implement with the hybrid working model. Convin solution tackles all these challenges and disrupts the archaic call center operations with its agent assist platform that records, transcribes, analyzes, and stores the contact center calls, automating agents’ training, call monitoring and reporting.

About Bengaluru-based Convin was founded in 2021 by IIT-Delhi alumni Ashish Santhalia (CEO), Bharat Patidar (COO), Atul Shree(CTO) & Durgesh Choudary (CPO) who found crucial business data generated during customer interactions were either lost or saved in silos. On top, available solutions were too expensive and not holistic. They developed a holistic solution for both sales professionals and call centers to uncover crucial business data and automatically assess the call performance of agents. Convin has since helped companies across verticals like Planet Spark, Thomas Cook, Aakash Institute, and Medi Buddy with its’ platform to improve sales. It received pre-seed funding from Titan Capital and 9Unicorns in June 2021. for details visit

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