Budget Expectations: Mr Amit Bhatia founder of Aspire Circle & Aspire Impact

Pre-budget Expectation

Mr. Amit Bhatia, Founder & CEO- Aspire Impact, says

“As India recovers from the third COVID wave, she must catalyse sectors & companies with the greatest potential for inclusive growth, i.e., job creation as well as social & environmental impact, since research shows that impact enterprises create 10x-14x more jobs per $ invested. Therefore, in the 2022 budget, Government must introduce annual corporate “Impact Reporting”- initially voluntarily and later mandatorily. Impact focus can create >50 million new jobs annually in 5 years. We assessed five sectors (Agriculture, BFSI, Education, Water & Waste & Disabilities) and found that by 2025, individual investment ideas with the greatest job creation potential are: Dairy Farming (22 mn) Tech-enabled K-12 (3 mn); Digital Consumer Savings Products (1.3 mn) Supplemental & Extra-Curricular Education (1 mn); Student Housing Solutions (1 mn); Neo-Banking (0.6 mn); and, Digital Lending (0.5 mn). India must kickstart Impact Reporting for a resurgent Impact Nation.”

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