Add flair to your monsoon tea rituals with Arttd’inox Tea Sets

Add flair to your monsoon tea rituals with Arttd’inox Tea Sets

Cloudy skies, cool breezes, and those first few drops of rain that douse the earth and our souls with joy! Now all that’s missing is a piping cup of tea to complete this idyllic monsoon setting.  Marrying form, function, and design, Arttd’inox—from the House of JSL Lifestyle —offers a diverse range of tea sets that will add dollops of style to your tea time ritual.

  1. Dome Tea Set (Rs 4545/-)
    Is your go-to aesthetic classy and regal? Something without frills? A beautiful combination of stainless steel and minimalistic design, the Dome Tea Set will be the perfect companion for your evening tea.

  1. Aladdin Tea Set (Rs 5905/-)
    There is definitely something magical about tea and monsoons. Inspired by the magical Middle Eastern desert landscape, the Aladdin Tea Set addsanother layer of magic to your experience.
  1. Royal Lapiz Tea Set (Rs 12345/-)
    Inspired by classic Indian heritage in its design, color, and embellishment, this tea set adds a tinge of elegance to your tea-time conversations. Experience how the royals lived life with this luxurious and indulgent Royal Lapiz tea set.

  1. Dome Coffee Pot + Mugs (Rs 4715/-)

Have a tall order of coffee with the rain? The Dome Coffee Set will house your warm beverage with a dash of elegance stirred in with creativity.

  1. Renaissance Tea Set (Rs 7865/-)
    Ever imagined what life would be like during the Renaissance? Well, you can now experience a small aspect of that life with Arttd’inox Renaissance Tea Set. Drawing from Indian Architecture, this tea set is a majestic and elegant item that showcases a strong sense of cultural importance.

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